Class sign up is only required for internal units. If you’re enrolled externally, your Unit Coordinator will advise how and when to access content for the unit.

Sign up for classes

If you are studying on campus you can sign up for classes when class sign up opens through MyMurdoch > MyInfo > Class sign up.

You will receive a notification when class sign up is open.

Classes for each unit are listed in the University Handbook. Enter your unit code, select the unit and look under ‘learning activities’ to see timetabled learning activities (classes) and other learning activities for the unit.

If there are no learning activities listed in the Handbook, you can check whether your unit will have scheduled classes by checking the Teaching Timetable. This is usually available a few days before class sign up opens.

You can sign up for classes one semester at a time. Classes are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If all the class options for a unit are showing as ‘full’ or there are unavoidable class clashes between your units, you may need to consider these options.

You can adjust your class timetable through the class sign up page up until the end of week two of the teaching period, provided there are spaces available in other class times.

If you can’t attend any of the available classes for work, family or equity reasons, contact a myMurdoch Advice Student Success Advisor or your Unit Coordinator.

How many classes to sign up for

If the Handbook only indicates one class (e.g. one 2-hour tutorial per week) but there is more than one timetabled option for that class, you are only required to select one of the class timeslots shown.

Where you are required to sign up to more than one class (e.g. two 2-hour lectures per week), the classes will be listed with a number to differentiate the different classes (i.e. LECT1, LECT2). The numbers indicate that these are two unique teaching activities and they could differ in duration or weeks.

This should also be reflected in the Handbook, where two different lectures will be listed under ‘learning activities’.

Classes not showing

If you can’t see your classes, check that:

  • class sign up is open for your units
  • you have completed self-enrolment and your unit enrolment is valid
  • you are enrolled in an internal unit (D) – units in external (X) mode have no class sign up.

If all of the above is correct and nothing is showing in class sign up, contact your Unit Coordinator.

Steps to enrolment

  1. Plan your units
  2. Complete self-enrolment
  3. Sign up for classes

Get advice

You can get specific advice regarding your enrolment during Orientation Week.

For class sign up advice, contact Student Central

For advice planning your units and discussing your study options, contact myMurdoch Advice or your Academic Chair or Unit Coordinator.

IT support

If you are experiencing issues signing in to MyInfo, try resetting your password. If you are still having issues signing in, contact IT Services.