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If you’re new to Murdoch, your first step is to set your password and email address.

If you’re a continuing student, you will not need to set your password.

Student Hub

OUA’s Student Hub is your main contact point.

Once you’ve signed in, you can access a range of OUA services throughout your studies.

Academic contacts

Have a question specifically about your learning and assessment?

You can contact your tutor or unit coordinator via myMurdoch Learning.

Murdoch resources

Familiarise yourself with these handy resources to get the most out of your study.

Murdoch staff members can find information in the staff intranet.

OUA resources

Here are some of the key OUA resources for you to add to your bookmarks.

  • Support

    OUA’s Student Hub is your first point for all administration, support and enrolment information. It’s dedicated support section ensures help is always close by if you ever need it.

    Note: enrolment and withdrawal from subjects (units) can only be managed through the Student Hub, not via Murdoch systems.

  • Key dates

    See OUA key dates for both application and enrolment deadlines. Murdoch offers:

    • undergraduate units during OUA study periods
    • postgraduate units during OUA study periods or Murdoch semesters
    • non-award (FlexiTrack) units during autumn, winter-spring and spring-summer terms.
  • Murdoch courses and units on OUA

    Murdoch offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and non-award courses and units via OUA. Refer to this information to choose your next unit with us.

    Note: Please ensure you are following entry requirement information provided. In particular, you should complete Level 1 subjects before enrolling in Level 2 or above.

  • Student loans and Commonwealth supported places

    OUA students can choose to study single subjects (units) or take Commonwealth supported places (depending on availability).

    Learn more about students loans and Commonwealth supported places.

  • FAQ and glossary
    Find answers to common questions about studying via OUA.