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Welcome to Murdoch University and our community of free thinkers who are ready to create a positive difference. Learn more about us and why we’re proud of our reputation for excellence in teaching, research and student satisfaction.

Our Murdoch community really want you to succeed so we encourage you to set yourself up for success by taking advantage of the resources available to you.


Get started

If you’re new to Murdoch, your first step is to set your password and email address.

If you’re a continuing student, you will not need to set your password.

Student Hub

OUA’s Student Hub is your main contact point.

Once you’ve signed in, you can access a range of OUA services throughout your studies.

Academic contacts

Have a question specifically about your learning and assessment?

You can contact your tutor or unit coordinator via myMurdoch Learning.

Murdoch resources

Familiarise yourself with these handy resources to get the most out of your study.

  • Being prepared

    Firstly, if you haven’t received your Welcome Letter with initial instructions, get in contact.

    It is important that you’ve worked out how to fit study in your life. Each unit will expect at least 10 hours of study a week, and it is important to realise that you can’t cram this into a day or two on the weekend. Effective study includes spacing of your learning (and other strategies).

    You also need to take note of the minimum computer requirements when it comes to online study. It will be impossible to succeed without a laptop or good tablet, and reliable internet connection. You will also need to check if there are any extra requirements for your studies.

  • Commonly asked questions

    Learn more about when you'll get your results, how to access a study plan, your census dates and more using our MyAnswers FAQs search page.

    If your query isn’t already covered, you can also ask us a question.

  • Student portal

    myMurdoch is your student portal where you’ll find information on studying at Murdoch and the support available to you.

    myInfo is where you can view enrolment, results and personal details. Please note that any changes need to be made through the OUA Student Hub. If you do change your contact details in myInfo, you will also need to make the same change in the OUA Student Hub.

  • Online learning support

    Prepare to be a successful online learner with tips on planning your days at home, plus find advice from current students.

    You can access our range of online resources and services to support your learning and wellbeing. Once you have used your available hours for Smarthinking online tutoring offered by OUA, you can also access support through Studiosity and Peer Academic Coaches (PACs).

  • myMurdoch Learning (LMS)

    myMurdoch Learning (LMS) is where you’ll access all your online learning. You can access the LMS after you have set your Murdoch password and email address.

    Find out more about myMurdoch Learning and other learning technologies that you'll use during your studies.

  • Library

    You can access digital and print resources through our Library and if you’re in WA, apply for a library card.  

  • Accessibility support

    Learn how you can access accessibility support while studying at Murdoch.

  • Murdoch Academic Passport

    Murdoch Academic Passport (MAP100) is a compulsory unit which provides an orientation to academic integrity and needs to be completed by all students studying at Murdoch.

  • IT support

    Your Welcome Letter contains all your initial instructions on getting set-up, so make sure you get in contact if you haven’t received it. As mentioned above under ‘Getting Started’, if you’re new to Murdoch, your first step is to set your password and email address.

    Some access issues will be solved by contacting Contact IT Support if you have other IT issues. For information about other IT services available for students, click Student IT.

  • Pre-requisite waiver form

    A pre-requisite waiver may be required if you have completed pre-requisite study with another institution.

  • Degree registration form

    If you are intending to complete your degree with Murdoch, you need to register your degree so that records and communication are up-to-date. Registering and paying the registration fee can be done online, or by downloading the PDF form below and following the instructions.

  • Assessment instructions (including exams)

    Exams are no longer run in-person via OUA exam services. Your final assessment will be online. Specific information will be available for your unit in myMurdoch Learning (LMS).

    If your final assessment is an online exam, you must sit your exam at the date and time scheduled. Exam timetables cannot be adjusted, so you will need to plan for this. Timetables ensure that you have support available at the right time.

    When undertaking an online exam, please make sure you finish the exam within the required time, or you may receive no marks.

    Read more about online exams.

  • Deferred assessment

    Find out what to do if you need to defer or delay your final assessment due to special circumstances.

  • Results

    OUA unit results are released approximately 6-8 weeks after your final exam of the study period. Results will be reflected on your OUA student records within a few business days of release. To find the dates that results are released for OUA study periods, go to Dates and Deadlines and select the Open Universities Australia location.

  • Counselling and medical support

    OUA students can access confidential counselling support through the Murdoch University Medical Service. Students in Perth and over 18 years old can also access medical services on campus.

  • Graduation
    In addition to registering your intention to complete a Murdoch University degree using the Degree Registration Form, you will need to follow other steps to ensure you are ready to graduate. A graduation check can be undertaken once your course completion date is updated, or you can contact via MyAnswers.
  • Job-Ready Graduates Program requirements

    If you are a student who is enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place and/or accessing a HELP loan to defer fees, you need to be aware of the Job-Ready Graduates Program requirements. You will find more information here.

Murdoch staff members can find information in the staff intranet.

OUA resources

Here are some of the key OUA resources for you to add to your bookmarks.

  • Support

    OUA’s Student Hub is your first point for all administration, support and enrolment information. It’s dedicated support section ensures help is always close by if you ever need it.

    Note: enrolment and withdrawal from subjects (units) can only be managed through the Student Hub, not via Murdoch systems.

  • Key dates

    See OUA key dates for both application and enrolment deadlines. Murdoch offers:

    • undergraduate units during OUA study periods
    • postgraduate units during OUA study periods or Murdoch semesters
    • non-award (FlexiTrack) units during autumn, winter-spring and spring-summer terms.
  • Murdoch courses and units on OUA

    Murdoch offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and non-award courses and units via OUA. Refer to this information to choose your next unit with us.

    Note: Please ensure you are following entry requirement information provided. In particular, you should complete Level 1 subjects before enrolling in Level 2 or above.

  • Student loans and Commonwealth supported places

    OUA students can choose to study single subjects (units) or take Commonwealth supported places (depending on availability).

    Learn more about students loans and Commonwealth supported places.

  • FAQ and glossary
    Find answers to common questions about studying via OUA.