Changing your course or major

If you decide your course or major isn’t right for you, you can apply to change it.

Before changing your course it is important to research the requirements of your course or major. Some other things to consider include:

  • your new course structure
  • available study modes
  • possible major and minor combinations
  • impact on estimated course completion date
  • if any units you have already completed will count towards your course
  • impact on your Centrelink benefits
  • impact on your student visa requirements
  • recognition of prior learning
  • your future career options.

Course, major, co-major and minor combinations are available in the current Handbook. Your nominated combination must not exceed the total credit points for your course. Only units relevant to your new course/major can be used if you course transfer to ensure you do not exceed the maximum credit points for your new course. This means you may not be able to use all the units you have previously completed and some or all your previously awarded Advanced Standing may not be used.

The way you apply to change your course or major will depend on the type of study you are doing. Select the process that applies to you:

If you have any questions about your proposed course, you can speak with a myMurdoch Advice student success advisor or the academic chair of the course or major you want to transfer to.

If you are an Open Universities Australia (OUA) student and wish to change your course or major, please contact OUA directly.

OUA students are not eligible to apply for course transfer.


Undergraduate courses

You can apply for a course transfer to change your course, for example from a Bachelor of Business to a Bachelor of Creative Media, or change your major, for example from Animal Science to Animal Health.

Applications for course transfers can be made during two course transfer windows each year:


9:30am Monday 23 May 2022
12noon Friday 1 July 2022 for Nursing
12noon Friday 22 July 2022 for all other courses

End of year

9.30am Monday 24 October 2022
12noon Friday 2 December 2022

  • Applying for course transfer

    To apply for a course transfer, submit a course transfer/change of major form during the course transfer window.

    You will receive confirmation of your application through MyAnswers within four business days. Check your application on MyAnswers or by contacting the Student Centre.

    Course transfer applications are processed after the results of the previous semester have been released. You will be advised through MyAnswers once your application has been assessed.

    If your request is approved, Commonwealth-supported students must complete a HECS-HELP form for the new course once the course transfer has been processed.

    You will also need to complete a new SA-HELP form to defer your student services and amenities fee to SA-HELP.

  • Applying for course transfer – student visa holders

    Changing your course may have an impact on your student visa. You may need to apply for a new visa if your duration of study is extended.

    If you are applying for a non-restricted course you can follow the steps below. If you are applying for a restricted course you will need to wait until your Course Transfer Application is approved.

    You will be notified of the outcome of your application in writing. Depending on the course or major change you may be sent a new Letter of Offer. You must accept your offer before your transfer can be processed and you are issued with a new Confirmation of Enrolment.

    If you transfer to a course or major with a different CRICOS code you will receive a new offer letter with the indicative course fees. Your fees will change to the current international fee category.

    You must advise the Department of Home Affairs within 14 days of being notified your course transfer has been processed.

Restricted majors

Some majors have restricted entry requirements. Generally you can request a transfer to a restricted major as normal during the course transfer windows, however there are some exceptions:

  • Transfers for Veterinary Science are only available during the October/November transfer period. You will be advised of the outcome of your application in January of the following year.
  • If you apply for a mid-year course transfer into Nursing, your enrolment in Semester 2 will be part-time due to unit availability and the course structure.

If you have any questions, contact the academic chair for the course/major you wish to transfer to.

Changing your second major or minor only

Changing your second major or your minors to any unrestricted major or minor is a change of unit set. You can apply for a change of unit set any time as long as:

  • you are currently enrolled in your course
  • you are not in your final semester
  • the major or minor you are requesting is not restricted.

You can request a change of unit set by submitting a request in MyAnswers > Ask a Question.

Apply for course transfer

No course transfers are currently available


Honours and postgraduate courses

To change between honours (except engineering) or postgraduate courses you need to contact the Meet Murdoch on to discuss changing your course and apply for the new course.

This includes upgrading your course, for example from a graduate certificate to a graduate diploma or to a masters course in the same discipline.

If you are a postgraduate student and want to change your speciality, log a request in MyAnswers for further instructions.

If you are an international student and your application is successful you will be issued with a new offer letter and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) so you can apply for a new visa.

Your transcript

All course attempts will be included on your transcript. As per Murdoch’s Change of Course Enrolment Policy.

If you are transferring between courses (changing your course code) any previously completed units will be transferred over to your new course as Advanced Standing (credit) as per your approved course plan on your application form. This means your GPA will not be carried over to your new course. Previously completed units will still appear on your transcript under your old course title.

Exceptions are made for teach out transfers when moving from an old to new course version or pathway transfers where your old course is the base requirement for your new course, for example transferring from the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science to the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science/Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology course or Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science) to Veterinary Medicine. In these cases ALL previously completed units will be carried over as “duplicate” units on your transcript. Your GPA will also be carried over.

If you are only changing your primary major and will remain in your current course (not changing course codes) only one course attempt will appear on your transcript. Your previous unit attempts will remain under your course.

All completed units will contribute to your grade point average (GPA).