You can apply for a change of course or major if it's not the right fit for you.

Before changing, it is important to research the requirements of your new course or major. Some things to consider are:

  • your new course structure
  • available study modes
  • possible major and minor combinations
  • impact on estimated course completion date
  • if any units you have already completed will count towards your course
  • impact on your Centrelink benefits
  • impact on your student visa requirements
  • recognition of prior learning
  • your future career options.

Course, major, co-major and minor combinations are available in the current Handbook. Your nominated combination must not exceed the total credit points for your course. Previously completed units that are relevant to your new course/major may be used as advanced standing, but you cannot exceed the maximum credit points or advanced standing allowance for your new course.

The way you apply to change your course or major will depend on the type of study you are doing and what you want to change. Read the below information that applies to you.

If you have any questions about your proposed course, you can speak with a myMurdoch Advice student success advisor or the academic chair of the course or major you want to transfer to.

If you are an Open Universities Australia (OUA) student and wish to change your course or major, please contact OUA directly.

OUA students are not eligible to apply for course transfer.

Changing your major, co-major or minor only

If you are currently enrolled in your course and are not in your final semester, you can apply to change the primary major, secondary major, co-major or minor within your course. This also includes some speciality changes for postgraduate courses. The primary major must form part of your course’s structure and Academic Chair approval may be required before it can be changed. 

Select the change type that applies to you:

Complete the Primary Major Change Application form and submit via MyAnswers or email to  Student Centralby the application deadline (see below). 
Submit a request via MyAnswers or send an email to  Student Centraloutlining what you would like to change from and to. 

Note - Changing majors or specialties in Honours courses (excluding H1264) can only be done in special circumstances.

Contact your Honours Supervisor to request your change. If approved, they will need to submit a signed and approved amended Honours Program of Study to the Enrolments & Progress team.

Note - Only some postgraduate courses allow for a change in specialisation after admission.

Submit a request via MyAnswers or send an email to Student Central. The Enrolments & Progress team will confirm if the change can be made. 

Please contact your respective student services/programme management office and they will be able to assist you.

Changing your course

A change of course, or course transfer, is when the title and/or code of your course changes.  For example, from a Bachelor of Business to a Bachelor of Creative Media or a B1317 to a B1399.

How you apply will depend on the course you are changing from and to. Some transfers are considered professional, or pathway transfers where previously completed units are carried over to the new course. Some course changes are considered a ‘new start’ where you will be admitted to a new course. 

Go to MyAdmission and create a new Applicant ID, or log in with your existing MyAdmission application ID. Complete an online application with the name or code of the course you’re applying for. You can apply anytime by choosing the next available admission period.

You do not need to withdraw from your old course, this will be done for you once your application has been processed.
Apply via MyAdmission as above and attach the Nursing Declaration Form and attach any supporting documentation. See the How to Apply section on the Nursing course page for details.

Transfers to Veterinary Medicine are only available for the semester 1 entry.

All students must provide evidence of Casper situation judgement assessment (booking or completion) and a completed Veterinary Medicine Application Form with their application.

See the ‘How to Apply’ section of the B1402 Course Page for information on entry requirements and how to apply.

For example, change from:

  • one Education to another Education course.
  • one Law to another Law course.
  • one Psychology to another Psychology

Complete one of the below forms and submit it via MyAnswers or  Student Central by the application deadline.

For example, change from:

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science to the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science/Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology to the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours).
  • Bachelor of Science (Medical, Molecular and Forensic Science) to the Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine

Complete one of the below forms and submit via MyAnswers or  Student Central by the application deadline

Note: Transfers to Laboratory medicine only occur at the end of each year.
Submit a request via MyAnswers or email to  Student Central and the Enrolments & Progress Team will assist you with your query.
Contact Meet Murdoch on to discuss changing your course and apply for the new course.

Note - This includes upgrading your course, for example from a graduate certificate to a graduate diploma or to a masters course in the same discipline.

Contact Meet Murdoch via to discuss changing your course and apply for the new course.

Please contact your respective student services/programme management office and they will be able to assist you.

If you are an international student and your application is successful, you will be issued a new offer letter and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Domestic students will need to complete a new Commonwealth Assistance Form.

Application deadlines

Application deadlines will depend on the type of change you are making. Any late applications for Primary major changes, Professional and Pathway Transfers will be processed after the next application deadline.  

Applications via MyAdmission

Applications via MyAdmission can be made any time of the year. You will need to choose the next available admission period when you apply. 

Veterinary Medicine Transfers

For mid-year entry: 
No mid-year transfers are available

For the start of year entry: 
Domestic applicants must apply via TISC. Closing date 30th November 2023.
International applicants must apply via MyAdmissions. Closing date 31st October 2023.

Primary major changes, Professional and Pathway Transfers

For the start of year entry:
12pm midday Friday 2nd February 2024

For mid-year entry:
12pm midday Friday 12th July 2024

Things you should know when changing course or major

All course attempts will be included on your transcript, as per Murdoch’s Change of Course Enrolment Policy.

If you are only changing your primary major, you will remain in your current course (i.e., not changing course codes) only one-course attempt will appear on your transcript. Your previous unit attempts will remain under your course. All completed units under that course will contribute to your grade point average (GPA).

If you are changing to another course, you will be moved to the latest course version and your fee category may be changed to the fee category applicable to your new start date.

When applying via the MyAdmission portal, you will need to wait until you are admitted into your new course before enrolling in any units. If you have enrolled in units under your old course, which are meant to be in your new course, they will be deleted when your old course is discontinued.  Make sure you enrol in the right units under the right course.

Domestic students will need to complete a new HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and SA-HELP form before the first census date, depending on their fee status once the course transfer has been processed.

International students will need to provide evidence that their OSHC duration will match that of the new course and a new COE will be issued.  If your student visa is subject to Condition 8203 you need to gain approval from the Department of Home Affairs to change your course of study, thesis or research topic. Check your visa conditions. You must advise the Department of Home Affairs within 14 days of being notified your course transfer has been processed.

Some courses and majors are restricted, and you may be asked to provide further information with your application. Check your emails regularly. 


If you have any questions about the program or projects, email the Program Coordinator Sophie Moeinisam at

Transnational students

If you’re studying at our Singapore or Dubai campuses, your enrolment is managed by your local partner institution.

Contact the program management team at your local partner institution for details.