Class sign up

Class sign up is only required for internal units. If you’re enrolled externally, you will have access to your unit materials through myMurdoch Learning once the teaching period has started.

Sign up for classes

  1. OnTrack Sprint

    You will need to sign-up for one group of tutorials. You can sign up for classes when class sign up opens through myInfo > Class sign up.
    Lectures will be automatically allocated.

    You will receive your Day 1 information email, 1-3 days before the course starts.

  2. OnTrack Flex

    If you are studying on campus you can sign up for classes when class sign up opens through myInfo > Class sign up.

    If you are enrolled in Rockingham, you can enrol in either Perth or Mandurah campuses depending on unit availability.

    You will receive an email notification when class sign up is open.

    Classes for each unit are listed in the University Handbook. Enter your unit code, select the unit and look under ‘learning activities’ to see timetabled learning activities (classes) and other learning activities for the unit.

    If there are no learning activities listed in the Handbook, you can check whether your unit will have scheduled classes by checking the Teaching Timetable. This is usually available a few days before class sign up opens.

    You can sign up for classes one semester at a time. Classes are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If all the class options for a unit are showing as ‘full’ please contact

Classes not showing

If you can’t see your classes, check that:

  • class sign up is open for your units
  • you have completed self-enrolment and your unit enrolment is valid
  • you are enrolled in an internal unit (D) – units in external (X) mode have no class sign up
  • you have not missed orientation week (class sign up for OnTrack Flex closes week prior to week 1 depending on student demand, if this is the case please contact to be allocated a class).