Finished high school and ready to apply for uni?

If you’ve completed high school within the last two years and are ready to start your degree, there’s a variety of ways you can gain entry into Murdoch.

Some people use their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) while others take a different path, such as completing one of our free enabling pathway courses, so let’s find the best option for you.

Academic and English requirements

To study at Murdoch, you’ll need a Selection Rank of 70 or higher (depending on your chosen course) and meet our English Language Competency (ELC) requirements.

The most common ways for a domestic student to meet ELC requirements are to have:

  • studied Year 11 and 12 or completed two years of VET (or a combination of both) at an Australian secondary school
  • a minimum scaled score of 50% or higher in ATAR English (or equivalent)
  • a score of 140 or higher in the Written English component of the Special Tertiary Admission Test (STAT).

Learn more about our English entry requirements.

To achieve a selection rank of 70 for entry, you can:

  • use your adjusted Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score
  • score 24 or higher in the International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • complete an accredited Certificate IV or higher
  • submit a portfolio
  • attain the required number of level 4s and 3s in an International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC)
  • complete one of our free enabling pathway courses.

Using your selection rank

Besides nursing and veterinary medicine (which have a competitive entry), our undergraduate courses have a guaranteed selection rank required for consideration.

You’ll find the minimum selection rank for the courses you’re interested in on our course finder or on the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) website.

Adjustment factors

Adjustment factors are used to increase your selection rank due to factors like the subjects chosen, or your eligibility for an educational access program such as Murdoch RISE.

Murdoch RISE is an educational access program which considers the location of your primary residence or school, whether you are first in family to attend university and whether you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. It is aimed at supporting access to university for students from regional, low socio-economic, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

Find out if you’re eligible for Murdoch RISE.

Certificate IV

If you’ve successfully completed a Certificate IV with an accredited provider, and met our English Language requirements, then you are eligible to receive a selection rank of 70 making many of our courses available to you.

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Enabling courses

We know that everyone’s pathway to uni is different so we provide a range of enabling courses, including Murdoch's free courses such as OnTrack Flex and K-Track, to help you reach your career goals.

Explore our enabling pathways

Experienced Based Entry & Creative Media Portfolio entry

If you don’t currently meet our admission requirements, our experienced based entry and creative media portfolio entry pathway, could be an option for you. These pathways allow you to demonstrate your eligibility  through academic, extracurricular and life experiences, or in the case of creative media portfolio, a submission of work related to the course you’re applying for.

Learn more about experienced based entry and creative media portfolio entry

International Baccalaureate

Your International Baccalaureate can be converted into an ATAR equivalent. You can find the International Baccalaureate score for the courses you’re interested in on our course finder.

International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC)

Your IBPLC can be used to assess eligibility for entry into a wide range of courses. Your best five out of the six possible credential levels will be converted to a selection rank. When you apply, upload your IBPLC to enable the confirmation of your levels and, if necessary, to enable your e-portfolio to be assessed.

Law Start

Have you got what it takes to study law but don’t qualify for direct entry? Law Start could be an ideal option for you as your overall ATAR score is not used as a basis for admission. To be considered, you need to submit an application through either via TISC or directly to Murdoch with Murdoch Law as your first preference.

If you present a strong academic application, you will be invited to attend in a mandatory workshop where you complete a written assessment. If you’re successful, you will receive a formal offer of a place in Murdoch Law during the TISC December round offers.

Learn more about Law Start, including eligibility requirements and how to apply.

STAT test

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is a nationally recognised test which assesses your abilities for learning at university. In WA, you can sit the STAT by booking through TISC.

To sit this test, you usually need to be at least 20 years old by the 1 March in the year you want to start studying. However if you’re under 20 years old, you can formally request permission to sit the STAT.

Download and complete the below form then email it to If you are eligible, we will provide you with special permission to sit STAT.

Interstate study

If you completed high school outside of Western Australia, you will still need to meet the same entry requirements as Western Australian students.

ATAR’s are equivalent across every state in Australia. If you have previously studied in Queensland and have an Overall Position (OP), you can have this converted into an ATAR.

Overseas study

Overseas qualifications can be accepted for entry into Murdoch courses. To find out which school results are recognised and the required level for entry, you can refer to the entry requirements of our course finder.

Extenuating circumstances

We understand that things don’t always go to plan. We will consider your application if your education has been compromised due to genuine hardship, resulting in you falling short of the admissions requirements for an undergraduate course.

Extenuating circumstances will not be considered for direct entry into Veterinary Science.

Find out if you’re eligible:

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