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Building a brighter future, together

Since opening our doors in 1974, Murdoch University has been committed to making education accessible to all. Our new Strategy reaffirmed our purpose, focusing on three strategic themes of; Sustainability, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and being the university of choice for First Nations People, which we bring to life through our core activities of Education, Research and Engagement. Our journey has seen us become a leading voice in conservation science, a place that encourages diversity and acknowledges the wrongs of the past, to support a more inclusive and equitable future. It’s why we are committed to building a brighter future, together.

Our People are Building a Brighter Future 

From nursing to accountancy, our people share our purpose and help to change lives and society for the better through their education, research and community engagement. 

How our academics are building a brighter future: Dr Michael Wilson

Dr Michael Wilson

Lecturer examining how technology impacts human rights.

How our academics are building a brighter future: Dr Shikha Anirban

Dr Shikha Anirban

Lecturer at the School of Information Technology.

How our people are building a brighter future: Dr Sasha Aspinall

Dr Sasha Aspinall

Lecturer examining diversity across the chiropractic industry.

How our people are building a brighter future Dr MD Moazzem Hossain

Dr MD Moazzem Hossain

Senior Lecturer in accounting with over 18 years teaching experience.

How our people are building a brighter future - Dr Amanda Ash

Dr Amanda Ash

Murdoch lecturer and researcher working on human and animal health.

Our journey to a sustainable future


Murdoch University has led environmental science for 50 years, shaping the way we live and work. A sustainable mindset is embedded in everything we do, our researchers and academics believe sustainability is a vital life skill and utilise our campus, which is a bio-diverse hotspot, as a living laboratory to help drive positive change.  


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Our journey to an equitable future

As the first university in Australia to introduce a flexible admissions system that considered factors beyond academic results, Murdoch remains committed to making education accessible for all.  We empower diverse voices with unique perspectives, to help us find solutions to societal challenges. 

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First choice for First Nations People  

At Murdoch, we believe that change happens when you acknowledge the wrongs of the past and support Aboriginal people.  From our first inaugural Aboriginal graduate in 1982 to the hundreds behind her – still more than any other Western Australian university, we remain committed to being the first choice for First Nations people.

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Ngala Kwop Biddi Brighter Futures Scholarship

Aligning with our focus on Sustainability; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and First Nations this scholarship allows every WA Secondary School the opportunity to nominate one of their graduating Year 12 Students, who by their leadership and activity has effective positive change in their community or school.

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Back on campus

With over 88,000 graduates making their mark across the world, our alumni have some truly amazing stories. We invited a few back on campus to chat with them about their Murdoch experience and where their journey took them.

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