When you're planning to move to Perth to study, you'll want to know what you can expect to pay for some of the common living expenses.

Please remember, the prices given on this page are just estimates. Your living costs will depend on a number of factors including your financial capacity, where you stay, the costs associated with your studies and other lifestyle needs and preferences.

Everyday expenses

As a general guide, you should budget approximately AU$500 per week for your living expenses in Perth. This figure does not include tuition fees, the cost of running a vehicle, textbook costs, or holiday travel costs and will vary according to your lifestyle. Everyone’s budget is different and will be based upon financial capacity, individual needs and preferences.

It’s important that you arrive in Australia with easy access to at least AU$500 to pay for miscellaneous expenses for setting yourself up in Perth. If you have not pre-paid for housing, you should have access to more to pay for rent in advance, bond costs and any basic homewares you might need.

When you arrive, attend our orientation sessions for information about setting up an Australian bank account. The Guild Student Assist Team is also on hand to help you navigate through the bumps of setting up life as a student at Murdoch.

University expenses

You can expect to pay from AU$150 to $400 each semester for textbooks. You might also need to pay for stationery, photocopying and other incidental costs related to studying.

To save money, you may be able to purchase second hand books from the Student Guild shop and many resources are available electronically.

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How to save money as a student

There are many simple ways you can save money on living expenses while you’re studying. You might decide to:

  • stay in shared accommodation to share your costs and bills
  • cook meals at home rather than eat out regularly
  • shop around for second hand books and equipment
  • use public transport instead of a private car when you can
  • find places you can get student discounts on food and entertainment.

For discounts on text books, food and other items, you might consider joining the Murdoch Student Guild.

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