The virtual classroom

Murdoch is proud to be the first university in Australia to offer SimLabTM technology, an immersive platform that gives students and pre-service educators the opportunity to experience, practice and improve their teaching techniques in a safe learning environment.

Professional actors work behind the scenes to represent classroom pupils with differing learning capabilities that respond in real-time, representing a realistic classroom scenario. SimLab actors specialise in improvisation and are trained to simulate powerful behavioural and emotional responses from classroom pupils. Through this technology, educators will improve their teaching, relationship management and behaviour management skills, all of which are essential for effective day-to-day job performance.

Take a look at how Murdoch University students are using SimLab virtual classrooms to prepare for the real world.

Professional and educational learning opportunities

SimLab can be customised for a variety of training applications and performance-based assessments to meet your unique learning objectives, including:

  • medical and health professional interaction
  • customer service training
  • human resources and management training
  • legal professional simulation
  • educator leadership training.

Murdoch provides access to this training platform to other universities, schools and organisations who recognise the benefit of this unique learning environment. Contact us to find out more.

Experience difficult scenarios

Murdoch's SimLab offers a unique simulated experience where all learning is personalised. Each avatar has their own personality and learning characteristics, along with the option to escalate individual levels of behaviour, according to the skill set needs of the pre-service teacher and/or practicing teacher.

Before the introduction of SimLab, the thought of trialling a scenario, reflecting on the experience and trying a different approach was fraught with unease. SimLab enables teachers to gain confidence in these scenarios with adult avatars that can take on the role of parents. The first experience with a parent-teacher interview no longer requires a real life parent.

Depending on context, adult avatars may also participate as a supervising teacher, a principal or other professional. Adult avatars also have three levels of escalating behaviour that can be applied according to the training needs of the teacher or school.

Powerful, personalised simulations


Tailor the simulation behaviour levels and scenarios to meet your requirements.


Use from any location with the option to log on remotely through Skype or Zoom.


Vital preparation and practice for student placements and real world teaching.


Engaging, efficient and safe way for teachers to practice and learn by doing.


Interaction with adult avatars for vital parent interview practice and skills development.


Provides instant feedback, assessment, strategy building and repeated simulation.

Teaching screening

Murdoch is now offering universities and educational institutions the opportunity to use SimLab technology to screen Initial Teacher Education (ITE) program applications. The five minute SimLab Screening allows applicants to showcase their interpersonal skills, attributes and general demeanor, through interacting with student avatars.

The screening can be completed from anywhere with internet access, with no cost for an initial evaluation. If you have questions about the SimLab screening process, email for more information.

Practice the art of teaching

Learn more about how students are benefiting from SimLab technology.

John Fischetti
SimLab is an exciting innovation provided as part of our research partnership with Murdoch University. The team at Murdoch are outstanding and very easy to work with.
John Fischetti, University of Newcastle

Find out more

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