Find your way around campus 

Our Perth campus covers over 227 hectares, making it one of Australia’s largest campuses and a great place to explore. 

From our Murdoch Maps app to one-on-one appointments, we’ve got you covered so you can find your way around.

Save time with Murdoch Maps

The easiest way to check out our campus is with Murdoch Maps. Find facilities or search for a specific location, such as where your next class is or how to find an academic’s office.

We’d love to hear what you think about it, so let us know by using the in-app feedback option.  

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Walks and trails 

Located on our Perth campus, the Banksia Woodland Reserve is home to many native flora and fauna species. You can explore the reserve with one of three walks and trails that will show you the different areas, including rare and endangered species. 

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Campus tours and appointments

Are you considering studying at Murdoch, or are you helping a student on their journey? Take a tour of our Perth campus, or get advice on careers and our admission process by booking a one-on-one appointment.

To book a tour or appointment, email or phone 1300 687 3624.

If you're interested in a guided tour of Boola Katitjin, please email and we will work with you to book an available date and time.