Senate members

Gary Smith

Mr Gary Smith


Professor Andrew Deeks

Professor Andrew Deeks

Vice Chancellor

Gerd Schröder-Turk

Professor Gerd Schröeder-Turk

Elected by academic staff

Julie Whitlock

Ms Julie Whitlock

Elected by professional staff

Placeholder headshot

Ms Heidee Austic

Elected by undergraduate students

Placeholder headshot

Mr Adelakun Odunyemi

Elected by postgraduate students

Placeholder headshot

Mr Jethro Schoeman

Elected by graduates of the University

Roland Belford

Mr Roland Belford

Elected by graduates of the University

Peter Kerr

Mr Peter Kerr

Appointed by the Governor

Gail McGowan

Ms Gail McGowan

Appointed by the Governor

Ross Holt

Mr Ross Holt

Co-opted by Senate

Gavin Buckingham

Mr Gavin Buckingham

Co-opted by Senate

Ross Hughes

Mr Ross Hughes

Co-opted by Senate

Stephanie Unwin

Ms Stephanie Unwin

Co-opted by Senate

Emeritus Professor Robyn Owens

Emeritus Professor Robyn Owens

Co-opted by Senate

Parisa A. Bahri

Professor Parisa A. Bahri

President of Academic Council

Secretary to Senate

Trudi McGlade
University Secretary


Good governance promotes better performance

Our Senate Charter sets out the guiding governance principles and practices that should be upheld at all times, as well as bringing together the policies and procedures that the Senate adopts and which form part of best practice governance.

All of Murdoch’s stakeholders are entitled to demand performance, fairness, transparency, accountability and appropriate disclosure from the Senate. This dictates that a comprehensive professional focus on effective governance must take high priority.

Governance offers a framework for approving the Strategic Plan of the institution, the oversight of its resources, the approval of its policies and procedures, the appointment, review and support of its Vice Chancellor, and an informed understanding of its programs and activities.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving Murdoch's governance standards, the Senate has adopted this Statement of Governance Principles.

University Chancellors Council

Murdoch University is a participant in the University Chancellors Council (UCC). The UCC comprises Chancellors of all public, not-for-profit universities within Australia. The UCC is used as a means for university Chancellors to discuss key issues and current events surrounding the tertiary education sector in Australia.


Meeting datesDocument deadlines
Thursday 10 March 2022Thursday 24 February 2022
Tuesday 10 May 2022Tuesday 26 April 2022
Tuesday 19 July 2022Tuesday 5 July 2022
Tuesday 30 August 2022Tuesday 16 August 2022
Tuesday 25 October 2022Tuesday 11 October 2022
Tuesday 6 December 2022Tuesday 22 November 2022


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