Research commercialisation enables us to share our innovations beyond the university for real-world impact.

Our Research Commercialisation team:

  • manages Murdoch’s intellectual property (IP)
  • supports industry collaboration and external engagement in our research and development activities
  • coordinates commercial negotiations and licensing of Murdoch innovations
  • supports the formation of new commercial ventures through business planning, market intelligence and venture capital seed investment.

Spin-off companies that had their start at Murdoch include Maldi-id Pty Ltd, FutureSafe Tech, and various biosecurity start-ups.

Intellectual property

Our Intellectual Property Policy protects the rights of our research staff and students. We work with external collaborators or sponsors of innovation, research, and development activities to exploit our Intellectual Property in a mutually beneficial way.

Explore Murdoch’s accumulated IP

IP Australia maintains Murdoch’s searchable patent register at SourceIP

The Lens is an international open platform that allows searches of Murdoch’s patent documents integrated with scholarly and technical literature and regulatory and business data.

IN PART is a software platform that advertises new opportunities from Murdoch, for investment and partnership, to globally connected businesses.