Virtual safety simulation revolutionises training

Simulation feature

Murdoch University innovation is helping to revolutionise workforce safety in Singapore with a new virtual reality program to boost safety training.

Murdoch University and Singapore-based investor, Fund Singapore, have signed an agreement to commercialise digitised safety technology developed through Murdoch’s Singapore Centre for Innovation, Productivity and Technology (SCRIPT).

The spin-out company, known as FutureSafe Tech, has developed a Training Simulator App that immerses workers in a three-dimensional industrial environment to learn safety procedures using realistic but no-risk scenarios.

Murdoch Singapore Dean Dr Peter Waring said the safety training simulator was closely aligned to the Singapore Government’s Future Economy strategy which calls for both the development of strong digital capabilities and the acquisition of “deep skills”.

“FutureSafe Tech will help to fulfil these twin ambitions by training thousands of workers in a realistic yet safe industrial training environment by simulating workplace settings in which they learn through a series of 3D virtual interactive and realistic safety training scenarios.

“The app that is mapped to the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) curriculum is just one of our solutions to address incumbent deficiencies in safety training, by simulating an immersive three-dimensional industrial environment in which safety training can take place.”

Gamified learning

FutureSafe Tech (FST) Associate Professor Chris Vas said the app offered a blend of face-to-face and gamified learning that accelerated skills acquisition and would deliver improved outcomes for employers.  

Workers are able to complete training on-the-job using self-directed learning which cuts workplace disruption.

Dr Waring said the development was an example of Murdoch research that uses creativity and innovation to find solutions to complex challenges.

“The investment from Fund Singapore is confirmation that Murdoch is making an important contribution to the future sustainable development of Singapore.”

Posted on:

25 Jun 2018


Technology, Research

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