Research integrity is integral to research at Murdoch University. All staff and students are expected to demonstrate the principles of responsible research outlined in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code, below). Compliance with the Code is an NHMRC and ARC funding eligibility requirement.

The Code requires researchers to report any suspected breach of the Code (see 2018 Guide to managing investigating potential breaches). If in doubt, please contact our Research Integrity Advisors for confidential advice.

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Research integrity advisors

Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs) are experienced Murdoch University staff appointed to promote and foster responsible research conduct, and to provide confidential and independent advice to staff and students on research best practice or any research matter that may be of concern.

RIAs can be approached for:

  • confidential and independent advice on research matters;
  • identification and clarification of issues relating to research conduct;
  • information on available options for research best practice;
  • advice on potential breaches in research integrity; and
  • information about the Public Interests Disclosure Act (WA) 2003.

RIAs cannot be asked to:

  • act as an advocate, mediator or representative;
  • make a complaint or take action on your behalf;
  • assess or investigate an allegation of a potential breach in research integrity; or
  • resolve any research conduct matter for you.

The RIA will advise whether your matter is:

  • Not a research integrity matter;
  • General research conduct advice; or
  • A potential breach in research integrity.
If you have been advised that your matter is a potential breach in research integrity, see our Allegations page below.