Whether you want to join a sporting team, volunteer for environmental groups, play team video games or share Perth with people from your own area of the world, you’ll find a club or social group to suit you.

Join a social club or group

There are more than 100 different clubs you can join at Murdoch – or you can even start your own!

You can join an international students club related to your home country to meet students from your region and share special customs, events and celebrations together.

You can also join a club related to your area of study or find friends with similar interests to yours in arts, music, gaming, sports and many other areas.

The list of clubs changes from year to year, so visit the Guild website for more details about current clubs and societies.

Find Murdoch clubs and societies

Join the Murdoch International Students Association

The Murdoch International Student Association (MISA) represents all international students here at Murdoch University.

MISA holds events throughout the year to help you make friends and have fun. MISA’s President meets regularly with leaders from other student groups to discuss issues that might affect you as an international student.

Get in touch with MISA