Engaging with you via social media

Murdoch University official Social Media accounts are a place for our broader community to engage, discuss, have meaningful conversations and share ideas and content related to the University and its work.  

Content posted by our community members on our social media pages and posts is not endorsed by Murdoch University. Murdoch University is not responsible for the accuracy or substance of that content. While we regularly monitor our Social Media accounts, we do not necessarily review every item posted by community members to our accounts or from other accounts where the University has been tagged or mentioned. 

In order to help keep our Social Media accounts a safe and welcoming space for our global and diverse community, and as part of our commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive world, both online and offline, we have a Terms of Service Policy that we adhere to across our pages. While we welcome contributions to our Social Media pages, any comments that engage in discrimination, hate, bullying, trolling, defamation will be removed.

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