Each course at Murdoch has at least one major, which shapes the core focus of your degree and introduces you to the key themes, concepts and methods of the field. You can broaden your qualifications and career options with a double major, combined degree, or with a minor or co-major, which take less time than a major and are recognised on your university transcript.

Double majors

With a double major, you'll complete two majors under one degree, usually in the same timeframe as a single degree. When you graduate, you'll receive one Bachelor’s degree with recognition of both majors.

To apply for a double major or minor, you must first apply and be offered a place at Murdoch for a single major. Once you’ve accepted your offer you can apply through MyAnswers to add a second major, co-major or minors to your course.

Restricted majors

Due to student quotas some majors are restricted and cannot be added as a double major. If you meet the entry requirements and would like to study one of these restricted majors, place it as your first preference when you apply.

Combined degrees

A combined degree allows you to study and complete the requirements for two different degrees at the same time (for example the Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Criminology), which usually takes a year or two longer than a single degree or double major.

You can apply for a combined degree in the same way you would a single degree – just follow the steps on How to Apply. If you’re already studying at Murdoch and want to change to a combined degree you’ll need to request a course transfer.