Bayer Pilot Plant

Our nationally renowned Bayer Pilot Plant, launched in collaboration with Alcoa of Australia, Honeywell and Control and Thermal Engineering, is an engineer’s playground.

This specialist facility features a real-world engineering plant and equipment.

As an engineering student, you’ll be able to use systems modelling and control design to implement dynamic control strategies to operate the plant, and gain a deep understanding about the software and hardware components which control the plant.

With very few other Australian universities offering this type of facility, the Bayer Pilot Plant provides you with an excellent training ground for process operation and control as well as industrial computer systems.

Renewable energy engineering facility

Planning on studying renewable energy? Our renewable energy engineering facility will allow you to develop your skills so you’re career ready.

As a renewable energy student, you’ll have 24/7 access to this facility, which has a computer suite in which you can design and analyse renewable energy systems, including solar thermal and wind.

You’ll perform investigative photovoltaic (solar power) experiments, analyse renewable energy systems, assess the performance of solar-water pumping systems, and measure and analyse solar and wind resources.

You’ll also have access to our roof-top solar-power facility, which comprises four 2kW grid-connected photovoltaic systems with which you can complete system performance studies and comparisons.

Renewable energy outdoor testing area

You’ll get hands-on in our renewable energy outdoor testing area where you can use equipment, test your theories and expand your knowledge. The area features a range of equipment including:

  • solar/wind/diesel/battery hybrid systems
  • low temperature solar thermal systems
  • a standalone inverter test setup for efficiency measurements
  • mobile weather stations with a range of sensors and data logging devices
  • a 10kW photovoltaic trough concentrator system
  • various grid connected PV systems
  • three-phase and single-phase test areas including power analysers and an AC source for grid connected inverter testing.

Instrumentation and control engineering laboratory

Our purpose-built facilities include an instrumentation and control laboratory that gives you the opportunity to configure a range of experiments using real-world instrumentation, process equipment and data communication systems.

You’ll work with industrial sensors, actuators and digital and analogue outputs to control air, water and power and investigate process dynamics and control techniques.

You’ll also investigate your own design strategies and take the lead on developing, commissioning and upgrading systems that are commonly found in the professional context.

Industrial computer systems engineering laboratory

Deepen your knowledge of computer-based communication, measurement and control systems in our industrial computer systems engineering laboratory.

You’ll work alongside your peers in the laboratory’s workstations, in which you’ll learn how to work with low voltage power and complete your own wiring and programming to design, commission and operate systems commonly found in the resources, energy and manufacturing industries.

The laboratory’s computer suite features much of the same specialised software packages that are used by industry to ensure you’re career ready by the time you’ve complete your degree.

Electrical power engineering laboratory

Learn how to design, deploy and maintain sustainable power systems in our electrical power engineering laboratory.

You’ll use the laboratory’s workstations to build and test circuits and conduct experiments using different systems and equipment, including:

  • three-phase systems
  • transformers
  • transmission lines
  • rotating machines
  • fault protection
  • power electronic converters
  • machine drives.

The facility also features the SELS smart protection relay systems. These are the future of most electrical protection systems and ensure you’ll have the practical exposure needed to launch your career.