To have real impact, research needs to be undertaken with purpose, integrity and effective planning and management.

The Research and Innovation Office manages research at Murdoch University, from grants and contracts to systems, ethics and commercialisation. The office works with researchers through the whole journey, ensuring people work in a safe environment, underpinned by an ethical framework.

The Research and Innovation Office manages:

We support Murdoch researchers in the development, preparation and submission of research grant applications, oversee negotiation and ongoing administration of research awards, collaborative agreements and contracts.

Our expertise in research funding opportunities across Australian Competitive Grants, charities, government, learned societies and other bodies enables us to support researchers to apply for support and resources.

We also share our expertise in the form of information, seminars and workshops, to help improve the quality of research applications from Murdoch. As well as this, we manage internal research support schemes including Small Grants, the Sir Walter Murdoch Distinguished Adjunct Professorship and Distinguished Collaborator and Strategic Research Fund.

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Building on the traditional academic transfer of knowledge via publication, education and training, we have a specific focus on industry collaborative research, connecting researchers and industry partners.

We raise awareness of knowledge transfer options and identify and protect commercially valuable Murdoch University Intellectual Property, supporting commercialisation, the licensing of university intellectual property and development of spin-off companies.

Helping to promote Murdoch's innovations, we assist with collaborative Research and Development for licensing, and help prepare business plans, marketing evaluations and external funding options.

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Murdoch University is committed to the highest standards of responsible research conduct.

We comply with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and promote the Code's principles through our policies and practice.

This ensures everything we do is done safely, ethically, with academic integrity, transparency, reporting accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Find out more about our research ethics and safety frameworks, or view relevant safety forms.

The Graduate Research Office is responsible for the admission and management of research students, including enrolment and re-enrolment, candidature management, scholarships and thesis examination administration.

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