How our academics are building a brighter future Dr MD Moazzem Hossain

How our academics are building a brighter future Dr MD Moazzem Hossain

This is a shared journey that welcomes anyone who wants to make the world a better place. Meet Dr MD Moazzem Hossain from Murdoch’s School of Business.

How can we keep corporations accountable about climate change policies and more? For Murdoch University’s Dr MD Moazzem Hossain, he believes accounting is the answer. 

Dr Hossain incorporates his expertise in accounting with a passion for teaching and research as he believes accounting promotes accountability in organisations 

A professional chartered accountant and Senior Lecturer in accounting with over 18 years teaching experience, Dr Hossain's teaching goals are clear. 

“I am a strong advocate of research-led teaching and I endeavour to maintain balance between teaching and research,” says Dr Hossain.  

His experience in teaching accounting at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, coupled with his dedication to research-led teaching, ensures that students gain practical insights into the role of accounting in promoting accountability and transparency. 

“I aim to empower students to become critical analytical thinkers and problem solvers. I believe my role as a teacher is to prepare students for their chosen career and influence them to effectively use the knowledge in the betterment of mankind. 

Accounting is more than just numbers; it's about accountability and transparency. By teaching accounting, I aim to instil in students a sense of responsibility to broader stakeholders and society." 

Dr Hossain's impact extends beyond the classroom.  

He is currently supervising PhD students in sustainability and climate change accounting and accountability research areas. His research interests span corporate social and environmental accounting and reporting, environmental management accounting, biodiversity reporting, modern slavery reporting, and human rights disclosures, with a focus on their linkages with corporate governance. 

"Research is my passion. It's not just about publishing papers; it's about making a difference," says Dr Hossain.  

“My research focuses on climate change and ESG from an organisational standpoint, and it identifies ways for corporations to be more accountable to stakeholders by disclosing more information about their climate-related policies and practices, as well as their net-zero initiatives.” 

"I am committed to addressing pressing environmental and social issues through my research and activism." 

With Dr Hossain at the helm, accounting becomes a driving force behind accountability and transparency, contributing to a more accountable and sustainable society. 

“[Murdoch’s Strategy] Ngala Kwop Biddi, Building a Brighter Future, Together represents a vision of progress and collaboration for a better future. To me, it represents the importance of unity, cooperation, and collaborative efforts in effecting positive change and moving forward towards common goals.” 

We are on a shared journey to a brighter future. Learn more. 

Posted on:

19 Apr 2024



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