Know Your Academics

Get to know the industry experts and leading researchers who are teaching the next generation of free-thinkers at Murdoch.

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Know Your Academics

As a Murdoch student, you'll learn from some of the brightest minds in Australia. Our lecturers are celebrated thought leaders and researchers in their industry and research fields. From medical breakthroughs that are helping treat genetic disease, to finding new ways to manage scare water resources, our lecturers are at the forefront of research meaning you'll take the most up-to-date knowledge into your career.  
Image of Dr Garth Maker in laboratory
Latest Issue 21 Aug 2019

Meet Dr Garth Maker, biochemistry researcher and lecturer

Dr Garth Maker, an award-winning biochemistry lecturer and researcher from Murdoch University, is using his research to shape the way consumers, healthcare professionals and governments can better regulate the herbal and complementary medicine industries.

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