How our academics are building a brighter future: Dr Michael Wilson

How Murdoch's academics are building a brighter future: Dr Michael Wilson

This is a shared journey that welcomes anyone who wants to make the world a better place. Meet Dr Michael Wilson from our School of Law and Criminology.

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of law and criminology, Dr Michael Wilson stands out as a pillar of expertise, offering invaluable guidance to students and colleagues alike.  

His journey to Murdoch began in January 2021, following a career at the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General, where he specialised in information management and managed misconduct investigations, acquiring a wealth of practical experience that now informs his role as a lecturer at Murdoch University. 

 "As a lecturer, I teach a range of units in law and criminology, with a particular focus on cybercrime, digital evidence, and criminal investigation," said Dr Wilson. 

His passion for these subjects extends beyond the classroom, which he demonstrates through his research endeavours closely tied to his teaching areas.  

"My research aims to identify solutions to pressing criminal justice policy problems, bridging the gap between scholarly knowledge and practical application. By translating academic insights into actionable strategies, I strive to contribute meaningfully to the work of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, ultimately working towards a more just and equitable society." 

Ngala Kwop Biddi is a compelling reminder of the enormous impact education can have, empowering individuals and is essential for community development." 

Furthermore, Dr Wilson's commitment to building a brighter future extends beyond the classroom. His research and teaching efforts are deeply rooted in the strategic themes of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  

Recognising the fundamental role of justice in understanding the impact of disruptive technologies, Dr Wilson delves into the concept of the digital divide—the gap between individuals with varying levels of digital literacy. He sheds light on how this divide disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, First Nations people, and those in rural areas, making them more susceptible to cybercrime victimisation.  

"Through my research and teaching, I endeavour to address these social injustices, ensuring that the benefits and burdens associated with information and communication technologies are distributed more equitably." 

"My research aims to bridge the gap between academic insights and real-world application." 

Specialising in law and criminology, his work aligns closely with the university's focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. He actively solves societal challenges through collaborations with law enforcement agencies, particularly in cybercrime and digital literacy.  

"By prioritising the interests of individuals lacking digital literacy," said Dr Wilson. 

We ensure accessibility and equity in the digital age." 

Dr Michael Wilson's dedication to integrating academia with practical application, coupled with his fervent commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, distinguishes him as a highly esteemed lecturer at Murdoch University. 

Murdoch University has, from its foundation in 1974, been a university of difference. Established as the second university in WA, Murdoch has always been associated with social justice and inclusion, providing pathways into and through a university education for people who had previously been excluded. 

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15 Apr 2024

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