Meet Warren Read, Lecturer in Leadership and Management

Warren sitting at the Chinese Gardens on Murdoch Campus

Discover the extraordinary journey of Warren Read, a Murdoch Business Lecturer whose experience shaped his future. Now, equipped with an impressive industry background, he teaches leadership from a place of firsthand knowledge.

Warren's journey to teaching at Murdoch

Warren's path to becoming a Murdoch lecturer took an unconventional route, diverging from the traditional academic path. Following the completion of his Master of Business Administration (MBA), he embarked on a successful career in human resources and management within prominent organisations across Australia and the UK, accumulating over 16 years of invaluable experience.

Throughout his diverse roles, Warren championed strategies around empowering employees.

“Leadership is a collective responsibility. You must break down conventional barriers and help foster individuals,” he said.

Upon returning to Perth in 2008, an unexpected opportunity presented itself when Warren received a call from the head of Murdoch Business School. Recognising his extensive background in the HR field, Warren was given the opportunity to teach a Human Resource unit, to which he gladly accepted. This marked the inception of his journey as a lecturer.

Today, Warren plays a vital role as an esteemed member of the academic team, imparting his wisdom by teaching various business units with a strong focus on leadership.

A unique teaching style

Warren's rich background enables him to bridge the gap between theory and industry experience, a skill he applies in his classes.

“Drawing on my experience I am able to add depth and real-world context to my classes, enhancing the learning experience for my students,” he said.

In the classroom, Warren values the diversity of perspectives that his students bring. He sees his own viewpoint as just one among many, appreciating the wealth of experiences and insights from individuals with different cultural backgrounds and organisational journeys.

‘I believe in fostering a conversational and interactive atmosphere in my classes. Learning is more than just passive consumption of information; it's about engaging students in meaningful discussions and activities. By incorporating fun and relevant activities, I am able to ensure that key points are not just words on a slide but resonate with the students and stay with them long after the class ends.”

Leadership an important future career skill

In our increasingly complex world, Warren firmly believes that leadership should no longer be confined to just one person or a select few.

“Leadership is a skill that everyone should possess. In the pursuit of organisational success, displaying leadership is essential. As the demands of the future grow, organisations will place even greater value on individuals with strong leadership abilities."

Warren's top 5 tips for being a leader

  1. Understand Yourself: Recognise your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to effectively manage responsibilities.
  2. Understand Your Team: Show appreciation for your employees' efforts and be aware of their individual capabilities.
  3. Embrace Not Having All the Answers: Be open to listening and following the decisions of others when necessary.
  4. Continuously Learn and Adapt: Keep growing and be willing to adjust your leadership style as circumstances demand. Adaptability comes with knowledge.
  5. Distinguish Authority from Leadership: Formal authority alone does not define true leadership. It goes beyond mere titles and positions.
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31 Jul 2023



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