How our people are building a brighter future: Dr Deanna de Zilwa

How our people are building a brighter future together: Deanna de Zilwa

This is a shared journey that welcomes anyone who wants to make the world a better place. Meet Dr Deanna de Zilwa from Murdoch’s Business School.

Forward thinking is needed in today’s business industry, which is why forward-thinking teaching is so important for students, to ensure the next generation of leaders can handle this rapidly evolving space.  

Dr de Zilwa has been teaching at Murdoch University since 2012, where she has designed and delivered a unit on Corporate Strategy for the Master of Business Administration (MBA).  

“Students work in teams undertaking research and analysing case studies of company’s strategic challenges and opportunities in real time, live to the market,” says Dr Zilwa.  

For Dr de Zilwa, seeing these MBA strategy students develop the confidence to articulate their views and critical analysis is what she considers to be one of her greatest achievements.  

“My teaching goals are to develop students’ critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making capabilities.” 

It is this kind of innovation that is part of Murdoch University’s strategy, Ngala Kwop Biddi, which is Noongar for Building a Brighter Future Together.  

While the world has changed dramatically since the university’s inception in 1974, the revolution in digital technology has perhaps been the most impactful, allowing for the development of global transport and communication networks, facilitating supply chains around the world, generating specialisation of national economies and seeing the rise of multinational companies. Directly impacting how we do business today.   

“That we build a brighter future by providing opportunities for people to expand their knowledge, awareness and engagement with the world.” says Dr de Zilwa. 

At Murdoch University, our goal is to change lives and society for the better through accessible education and research, contributing to the solution of societal and environmental challenges and providing an inclusive, caring community in which everyone can realise their potential.

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12 Apr 2024



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