Academic progress

Ensuring you are on track and passing the units needed to graduate is called maintaining academic progress.

To progress through your course, you need to pass fifty percent or more of your units each study period (semester or trimester). If you are a student visa holder whose academic progress is unsatisfactory you may be placed on an intervention strategy.

First unsuccessful semester

In the first semester that you do not pass 50% or more you will be issued a warning notification. At this stage we encourage you to reflect on the reasons for your recent academic performance.

It is very important that you make the changes required to improve your studies, as there are serious consequences to repeated semesters of unsatisfactory academic performance.

Get back on track

Second unsuccessful semester

If you fail 50% or more in a second consecutive period, you will be required to undertake a mandatory interview process with your Academic Chair and seek approval to continue to study.

Students must complete Page 1 of the Record of Academic Performance Interview form and sign the declaration on page 2 prior to the interview.

During this meeting you and your academic chair will discuss strategies to assist with getting back on track. You can reflect on the issues that have affected your studies and develop a plan to improve your grades. The outcome may include a reduced study load, course transfer or taking a break from your studies.

If you continue to make unsatisfactory progress, you may be suspended or excluded from your course and the University, so it is very important to take this opportunity to receive extra support.