Enabling programs

Once you have accepted your offer, you need to enrol in units and sign up for classes.

Enrol in units by logging in to myInfo and completing the self-enrolment steps (within the course details section). You can find the unit you need to enrol in on the course structure pages.

Plan your units

  1. OnTrack Sprint – enrol in unit code EQU070.
  2. OnTrack Flex – enrol in four units (details below)
  3. TLC Learning for Tomorrow and FlexiTrack High 

OnTrack Flex units

OnTrack Flex students are required to pass 4 units in total - x2 core, x1 broad and x1 specified disciplinary unit to complete the course.

You can choose to combine your units in one semester (full-time) or spread across two semesters (part-time), delivered on-campus, online, or combination of both.

Unit offerings are listed below along with unit availability in brackets. 

When enrolling in units, ‘D’ class for Internal or on-campus (you will need to sign up for classes) and ‘X’ class for External or online.


Core (required two)

  • UPP001 – Introduction to Uni Culture (all modes available)
  • UPP002 – Divide and Conquer: Navigating Numeracy in Uni Culture (all modes available)

Broad Disciplinary Unit options (choose one)

  • UPP003 – Knowledge in The Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts (Murdoch, Rockingham or online) 
  • UPP004 – Knowledge in the Sciences (Murdoch, Mandurah or online) 

Specified Disciplinary Unit options (choose one)

  • UPP005 – Introduction to Health Professions (Murdoch, Mandurah or online)
  • UPP006 – Introduction to Education (Murdoch, Rockingham or online) 
  • UPP007 – Introduction to Criminology and Digital Media (online only)
  • UPP008 – Introduction to Life Sciences (Murdoch or online)
  • UPP009 – Introduction to Business and Innovation (online only)

There are N1111 Course Plans Semester 2 Entry available depending on which area of studies you are interested in after completing OnTrack Flex.

If you are unsure which units you should be studying check out the OnTrack Flex page, or contact myMurdoch Advice.

FlexiTrack High and TLC Learning for Tomorrow 

You are not required to self-enrol in any units. You have been automatically added to the following units - UPP010 if you’re a TLC student and UPP011 if you’re a FlexiTrack High student. 

You will select an elective unit via LMS later in the year, and administration will manually add this unit to your enrolment.

FlexiTrack High students are not required to complete class sign up, however TLC Learning for Tomorrow students need to sign up for classes. Please see more information here.

View your enrolment details

Once enrolled, you can view the units you’re enrolled in, along with your Statement of Enrolment, at myInfo > course details.

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