Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a free, voluntary academic assistance program that uses peer-led study groups to help students succeed in challenging units.

PASS is facilitated by PASS Leaders – trained senior students who have excelled in the unit in the past. The 50-minute sessions are centred around helping you to understand what to learn (course content) and how to effectively learn it (study skills), and overall provide a social and relaxed environment where you can supercharge your understanding.

Benefits of attending PASS

Evidence shows that students who attend PASS regularly on average achieve higher results and are more likely to pass their units. Some of the benefits you can experience include:

  • Deeper understanding of tough unit content
  • New study strategies and skills
  • Ability to meet people in your course and make friends
  • Learn uni tips from successful upper year students
  • Opportunity to ask questions in a non-threatening environment.

Units available for PASS sessions

Specific units are selected for PASS sessions each semester based on need. The units on offer for this semester are:

  • BMS107 Foundations of Vertebrate Form and Function
  • BIO152 Cell Biology
  • CHE140 Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • CHE144 Foundations of Chemistry
  • CHI108 Human Anatomy I
  • CRM100 Introduction to Criminology
  • CRM120 Criminological Research Methods
  • EDN114 Thinking Mathematically
  • EDN115 Thinking Scientifically
  • ICT169 Foundations of Data Communications
  • ICT285 Databases
  • LLB152 Torts
  • MAS162 Foundations of Discrete Mathematics
  • MAS164 Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • MAS183 Statistical Data Analysis
  • NUR134 Nursing Bioscience 2
  • PSY173 Introduction to Psychological Research Methods

Sign up now

Sign-up opens in Orientation Week. If PASS is running for your unit, it will be advertised in Week 1.

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Interested in becoming a PASS or PAC leader?

Are you a student who has achieved a high grade in a PASS unit, is passionate about helping others and is eager to learn new skills? Consider applying to become a PASS Leader.

Find out more about becoming a leader