Candidates – 2022 Student Elections

These Broadsheets allow candidates to voice their opinions and give you an idea of who they are, and how they intend to contribute to your University. These students have nominated to represent you during 2022.

Statements are supplied by candidates and do not represent the views or opinions of the Student Guild or the University.

Have your say by casting your vote in all the ballots that you are eligible to vote in.

Online voting begins at 12noon Monday 31 October and ends at 12noon Friday 7 November 2022.

Required ballots for the 2022 Student Elections will be listed below, and candidates appear in the list and in the broadsheet in ballot order.

Undergraduate Student on Senate

  1. Shannon Renner
  2. Heidee Austic (GROWTH)
  3. Chris Lesiter

Postgraduate Student on Senate

  1. Adelakun Odunyemi (GROWTH)
  2. Andrew Larkins

Guild President

  1. No Candidate
  2. Chris Lesiter
  3. Heidee Austic (GROWTH)

Education Vice President

  1. Chris Lesiter
  2. No Candidate
  3. Kevin Kurian (GROWTH)

General Secretary

  1. Christopher Nonis (GROWTH)
  2. Chris Lesiter
  3. No Candidate

Sustainability Representative

  1. Elizabeth Tan (GROWTH)
  2. Jemma Goss

Ordinary Guild Councillors

  1. Jesse Belotti
  2. Ariff Bin Julainie (GROWTH)
  3. Sami Rashid (GROWTH)
  4. Sariah Eivers (GROWTH)
  5. Luke Chuah (GROWTH)
  6. Daisy Bond (GROWTH)
  7. Chris Lesiter
  8. Jamilla Day (GROWTH)