Supplementary exams

You can only sit a supplementary exam if you have had a supplementary grade awarded.

From Semester 1 2023, you may be awarded a supplementary grade if:

  • your final mark is in the range 45% to 49%, and
  • the Unit is graded using the Standard Grading (HD-N) scale.

Supplementary is not available for ungraded units where the final grades of UP/UF are applied.

The award of a supplementary grade is identified by your unit coordinator, and subject to approval from the Results Committee.

You will be notified in writing of the supplementary assessment or exam arrangements by the Unit Coordinator no later than 5 University Working Days after approval by the Results Committee. If you have been offered a supplementary, your unit will have the interim grade of either SX or SA.

SX (Supplementary examination)

  • is when the supplementary assessment is in the form of an examination
  • SX exams will be scheduled by the Exams Office
  • they are held during the standard Supplementary and Deferred exam period.
  • the supplementary exam timetable will normally be published one week after the release of results if not earlier.

SA (Supplementary assessment)

  • is when the supplementary is in the form other than examination
  • SA assessment will be scheduled by the Unit Coordinator.

The only grades you can receive from a supplementary assessment are Pass (P) or Fail (N). An Ungraded Pass is not available.

For teaching periods commencing prior to Semester 1 2023, please refer to the assessment guidelines 2016 August 01 for information regarding the supplementary assessment.