Supplementary exams

You can only sit a supplementary exam if you have had a supplementary grade awarded.

You may be awarded a supplementary grade if:

  • you have a borderline fail grade (40% to 49%) in the unit, or
  • you achieve a mark of 50% or greater overall, but have not achieved a pass or required minimum mark in one or more mandatory pass components.

You may be awarded an interim grade of SX (Supplementary Exam in the Supplementary/Deferred Exam Period) or SA (Other Supplementary Assessment). The award of a supplementary grade is decided by your unit coordinator subject to review by the Board of Studies.

You will be notified in writing of the supplementary assessment or exam arrangements. For semester units, the additional work must be completed within six weeks of the end of the exam period excluding any University limited service period.

The only grades you can receive from a supplementary assessment are Pass (P) or Fail (N). An Ungraded Pass is not available.

See key dates for details of the standard supplementary and deferred exam period.

Unable to sit your supplementary exam

If you are unable to sit your supplementary exam due to illness or extenuating circumstances, you may be granted a deferred assessment. The application to defer your supplementary exams must be submitted to your unit coordinator.

Where there are extenuating circumstances, applications to sit your face to face on campus exam(s) elsewhere can be considered by the Exams Office and your unit coordinator. To apply you should submit a written application with details of the extenuating circumstances and supporting documents at least 10 University business days prior to the start of the exam period. A fee per exam paper is payable (A$150 within Australia or A$250 overseas). If your application is approved, you will sit your exams at the nearest approved  exam centre or nominate a supervisor.