Types of online timed final task or exam

Three types of assessment tasks will run during the final assessment period.

Online exams off-campus

These assessments have been designed to accommodate the shift to an online assessment, ensuring you have maximum flexibility to demonstrate your learning:

  • Type 1: Open task
  • Type 3: Timed exam

Face-to-face exams held on-campus

Face-to-face invigilated assessments (paper based or online) will be held at your enrolled campus (as listed in your student record). All students must sit the face-to-face supervised exam on-campus unless you are enrolled in external study mode and your postal address is more than 100 kms from campus. Please visit  sitting exams for more information regarding face-to-face exams.

  • Type 4: Timed face-to-face exam

For all Semester, Trimester and OUA teaching period exams, exam times published are in Australian Western Standard Time (AWST; UTC+08:00), unless otherwise specified.

For all TNE locations (Dubai and Singapore), exam times published are in their local time.

‘Open tasks’ are made available to you between 8 hours and 86 hours before it is due. You have the entire time period to complete the task. During this period, you may start and leave the task, returning to complete it later. Open tasks will start at 8am on a given day and close at 9.30pm the end of the allocated time period.

  • Please view the online exam timetable to determine the start and submission date/time for your task. Ensure you allocate enough time to upload your answers.
  • Students will be provided with guidance regarding anticipated level of effort (e.g. 3 hours).
  • Task may be scheduled Monday to Friday, may include ONE day of the weekend. An Open Task will not be scheduled for Saturday and Sunday only.

This is an open book assessment using LMS Assignment or LMS Quiz tool. Please complete and submit your answers by the submission date and time.

Not available for these teaching periods.

‘Timed exams’ are timed between 30 minutes and 180 minutes (3 hours) and will commence at a specific date and time and must be completed within the allocated exam duration.

  • Please view the online exam timetable to determine the exam date, time and the allocated exam duration for you to complete the exam.
  • Exam duration will vary based on your unit requirements; however, each exam will include an extra 5 minutes per 30 minutes to account for possible unfamiliar conditions and technical issue(s).

This is an open book exam using LMS Quiz or LMS Assignment tool. Please complete and submit your answers at the end of your allocated exam duration.

‘Timed face-to-face exams’ are exams timed between 60 minutes and 180 minutes (3 hours), beginning at a specific date, time and venue* as per exam timetable.

*You are required to sit your exam at your enrolled campus unless you are enrolled in  external student mode and your postal address is more than 100 kms from campus.

Face-to-face exam will be listed as “Theory” or “Practical” with exam venue(s) details included on the exam timetable.

  • You are not required to use your own computer (desktop or laptop) if you are sitting Type 4 – face-to-face exams on-campus. Majority of “Theory” exams are paper based with a small number of exams completed in a computer lab.

Visit  sitting exams page to find out your responsibilities and important on-campus exams information and rules.

What to do if you experience technical issues during an exam

If general technical issues arise during an exam and you require assistance, please raise a ticket for assistance with the IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk will be able to provide basic troubleshooting support for internet access and browser issues. If required, they will escalate your request via the appropriate channels accordingly.

IT Service Desk will support coverage during exam periods.

Semester 1 Supplementary/Deferred support will be available from 22 to 26 July 2024:

  • Monday 22 to Thursday 25 July 2024 – 8am – 9.30pm

Trimester 2 and Trimester M support will be available from 3 August 2024 – 10 August 2024:

  • Saturday (3 Aug) – 9am – 8.20pm
  • Monday (5 Aug) – 8am – 9.40pm
  • Tuesday (6 Aug) – 8am - 9.30pm
  • Wednesday (7 Aug) – 8am – 10.15pm
  • Thursday (8 Aug) – 9am- 10pm
  • Friday (9 Aug) – 9am – 5.10pm
  • Saturday (10 Aug) – 9am – 3.10pm

If technical issues impact your completion of the final assessment, it’s recommended that you record screen captures, error messages, or other evidence of the issues that occurred, and email this to your Unit Coordinator.

If the technical issues prevent you from submitting your assignment to LMS, but you still have access to email, it’s recommended that you email your completed or partial submission to your Unit Coordinator before the deadline.

Frequently asked questions

The online off-campus exams will typically make use of the normal equipment you use to access myMurdoch Learning (LMS). This means you will need access to a computer (desktop or laptop) equipped with:

  • an internet browser
  • a word processor (Microsoft Word)
  • access to a reliable internet connection.
  • your mobile phone (if you are prompted to verify your identity using multi-factor authentication).
No additional technology will usually be required to undertake the online exam, unless specified by your unit coordinator. For example, in some cases students may be asked to take photos using their mobile phone to include with their submission.

For most units, the online exam will be unsupervised. For a small number of units, remote monitoring technology will be used to supervise the exam. Protocols have been established for this model and students will be asked to provide consent via an online form prior to completing the exam.
Academic integrity is critical during your final assessments, as it is at all times. Demonstrating academic integrity during your final assessment and in online exams requires that you:

  • acknowledge other people’s work or ideas where appropriate;
  • ensure your final assessment submission is your own work; and
  • do not collaborate with peers in your class or other people.
As with all other assessments, there are consequences for students not acting with academic integrity by cheating or colluding with others on your final assessment.

The Murdoch Academic Passport (MAP100) provides important information to ensure you are completing your final assessments with honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. If you have not yet completed MAP100, please do so before your final assessment.

Please note that Unit Coordinators will be using Urkund to help them ensure academic integrity standards are upheld during final assessments.
We recommended you create a quiet environment where you can set up your computer to complete your exam without being interrupted. You don’t need to do your exam at home, so you can find a suitable place elsewhere, as long as you can create the necessary conditions.

This includes:

  • Restarting your computer before you commence the exam and ensuring all unnecessary applications are closed can avoid negative impact on the performance of your computer.
  • If you are using a laptop, ensure it has sufficient battery reserve or is plugged in so your battery does not run out during the exam.
  • Ensure your internet connection is working correctly and that you have sufficient data available if relevant.
  • Ensure your computer will not run updates at the time of your exam.
Log into LMS and verify your identity via multi-factor authentication if prompted to do so.
If you have concerns regarding completion of your final assessments, please contact your Unit Coordinators as early as possible. For all other queries, including support for preparation and study, please contact myMurdoch Advice.
On the day and time of your exam (as published in the exam timetable), you will access your online exam via the LMS unit page of the corresponding unit. The exam will be clearly displayed under its own heading on the unit page, e.g. Final Exam. More specific guidance relating to your final assessment may be provided by your unit coordinator in this section.

Access the exam by clicking on the link to either the assignment or quiz in the LMS.

Please note that the link to the exam will typically only become available at the commencement of the exam window.

If your exam is using the LMS Assignment tool:

  • Download the exam document from the Assignment tool.
  • Open the exam document and complete the exam by answering the questions.
  • Upload your completed exam document using the Assignment tool before the due date/time specified in LMS.
If your exam is using the LMS Quiz tool:

  • Click on the link to access the exam.
  • Complete each of the quiz questions until you have completed all questions. The answers are saved when you click next or finish attempt. Do not close the quiz or browser window before saving your answers as your answers won’t be saved automatically.
  • Submit the quiz once you have finished.
If a system fault occurs on the day of an exam or during an exam which impacts the continuity of exams, a corresponding notification will be disseminated to students via the myMurdoch portal/app. Further information will be disseminated by the Exams Office or Unit Coordinator.

Find out what do it if you’re unable to sit an exam

If you have a disability or medical condition and need alternative exam arrangements, find out how to apply.

The University does not permit the release of the original of the final exam script to any student. However, students may request to inspect their marked exam scripts as per section 6.9 of the assessment policy.

If you are a TNE student taking our units through a partner in Dubai or Singapore, you must contact Professional staff at Partner Institution regarding your request within 10 University Business days of the posting of your final results in writing.

For all other students who wish to inspect your marked exam scripts, you must contact your Unit Coordinator or assigned nominee within 10 University Business days of the posting of your final results in writing.

Your Unit Coordinators or their nominee will arrange an appointment with you at a time that’s acceptable to both parties. The feedback session can be carried out via Microsoft Teams Online Session tool through the LMS or a face-to-face consultation on campus (subject to COVID-19 restrictions and availability of appropriate rooms at South Street or Mandurah campuses).

When using Microsoft Teams, please be advised that

  • The online feedback session will not be recorded. There are legal restrictions on recording sessions without permission.
  • You are required to turn on your webcam.
  • You must provide photo identification to the staff member hosting the session e.g. Murdoch Student Card/Driver’s License/Passport.
  • Once identification has been verified, Unit Coordinator will proceed to open the marked exam attempt on their computer.
  • You may then inspect your exam and ask any questions as needed, subject to the discretion of the Unit Coordinator.
  • The Microsoft Teams Online session will end after your appointment or when you have completed your inspection, whichever is earlier.
  • If you are late or miss the session, you will need to make another appointment within the 10 University Business days time frame.

General exam enquiries

Contact Student Central

Campus location 330.2.021

Call us Australia:
1300 6873 624

Call us International:
+61 8 9360 6000

Call us Mandurah campus:
+61 8 9582 5501

Contact us online MyAnswers

Complex exam enquiries

Call us +61 8 9360 2544

Email us exams@murdoch.edu.au

You can also visit Student Central for further assistance.