Once you have accepted your offer, you need to enrol in units and sign up for classes.

Plan your units

Find your course by searching for your course code (on your offer letter) in the online Handbook. Scroll down to the Structure heading to view the required units for your course. This may consist of spine units, course core units, major units and/or options units.

Take note of the unit codes and offerings of the units you want to take. You should select units for the whole calendar year.

You can choose options from a range of disciplines, excluding veterinary science, law, nursing and some chiropractic science and education units. You can use your options units to contribute towards a second major, co-major or minor if your course structure allows this.

If you are unsure which units you should be studying check out the Course Plans page, or contact MyMurdoch Advice.

How many units to enrol in

Full-time enrolment is 12 credit points per semester, or 24 credit points per year. This usually equates to four units per semester. An enrolment of:

Most undergraduate degrees are a total of 72 credit points and can include a maximum of 30 points for 100 level units.

Add a major or minor

Some courses may allow you to add a major or minor, to do this you will need to submit a written request through MyAnswers.

There are some restricted combinations which may not be possible due to enrolment and competitive admission requirements. A minor may be excluded if it is too similar to your major.

You will receive written confirmation once the second major or minor has been added. You can self-enrol in the units for the second major or minor prior to having it added to your record if it is unrestricted.

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Steps to enrolment

  1. Plan your units
  2. Complete self-enrolment
  3. Sign up for classes

Get advice

You can get specific advice regarding your enrolment during Orientation Week.

For class sign up advice, contact Student Central

For advice planning your units and discussing your study options, contact myMurdoch Advice or your Academic Chair or Unit Coordinator.

IT support

If you are experiencing issues signing in to MyInfo, try resetting your password. If you are still having issues signing in, contact IT Services.