Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses

Once you have accepted your offer, you need to enrol in units and sign up for classes. You will be notified when enrolments open for the year.

1. Plan your units

Find your course by searching for your course code (on your offer letter) in the online Handbook. Select the relevant major and click the course structure tab to view the required units for your course. This may consist of spine units, course core units, major units and/or options units.

Take note of the unit codes and offerings of the units you want to take. You should select units for the whole calendar year.

You can choose options from a range of disciplines, excluding veterinary science, law, nursing and some chiropractic science and education units. You can use your options units to contribute towards a second major, co-major or minor if your course structure allows this.

If you are unsure which units you should be studying check out the Course Plans page, or contact MyMurdoch Advice.

How many units to enrol in

Full-time enrolment is 12 credit points per semester, or 24 credit points per year. This usually equates to four units per semester. An enrolment of:

An undergraduate degree is a total of 72 credit points and can include a maximum of 30 points for 100 level units.

Add a major or minor

Some courses may allow you to add a major or minor, to do this you will need to submit a written request through MyAnswers.

There are some restricted combinations which may not be possible due to enrolment and competitive admission requirements. A minor may be excluded if it is too similar to your major.

You will receive written confirmation once the second major or minor has been added. You can self-enrol in the units for the second major or minor prior to having it added to your record if it is unrestricted.

2. Begin your self enrolment

To complete your enrolment you need to select the ‘Learning’ heading from the menu on the left. Click ‘Manage course and unit enrolment’ option in the right hand menu and you can then begin self enrolment.

You’ll need to answer a few administrative questions to start with.

If you are an eligible student in a Commonwealth supported place, you need to complete an ECAF to accept your place. If you meet the HECS-HELP eligibility you can also nominate to defer your fees in the ECAF. Eligible postgraduate students can complete the ECAF to defer their fees to a FEE-HELP loan. You will need to enter your Tax File Number (TFN) if you are selecting to defer your fees.

You can also complete an SA-HELP form to defer your Student Services and Amenities Fee, if eligible.

3. Enrol in your units

You should enrol into all your units for the calendar year.

  • Once you have completed the initial steps and enrolments have opened, you can then go to step titled ‘units.’ This is where you will enrol in your units.
  • Click on ‘add units’ then enter the unit code or title and click ‘search’.
  • Select the unit, teaching period, study mode combination and campus you want to enrol in, then click ‘add to cart’.
  • Repeat this for all the other units you need, then click on ‘save my changes’. Your enrolment will not be confirmed until you have pressed ‘save my changes’.

If a unit is marked as invalid, roll over the red text to get information.

Your course status will be marked as “inactive” until semester begins.

4. Select your classes

If you are studying on campus you need to sign up for classes online through MyMurdoch. You can access this section through Learning > Manage class sign up and it will not be available until class sign up opens. You will receive notification of the opening dates.

You can sign up for classes one semester at a time. Classes are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If all the class options for a unit are showing as ‘full’, you may need to consider these options.

Class clashes

If classes from different units clash, you can:

  • email the unit coordinator to explain the circumstance and seek an alternative class
  • see if you can change to another unit and study the clashing unit in another semester
  • consider changing the unit to external mode, if available.

If you can’t attend any of the available classes for work, family or equity reasons, contact a myMurdoch Advice student success advisor, your tutor or the unit coordinator.