If you are thinking of withdrawing from your units or your course, we encourage you to consider the options available to you and seek additional support.

Before withdrawing

Before you make the decision to withdraw from a unit or your course you need to consider the effect it will have on your enrolment and other entitlements. To help make your decision you may want to seek advice on your options:

  • speak with a myMurdoch Advice student success advisor for general guidance about your studies
  • talk with your academic chair to understand the implications of withdrawing and explore alternative options
  • explore our learning and study resources to improve your study skills
  • speak with a professional counsellor at the Counselling Service about any personal difficulties you may be experiencing
  • get in touch with the Access and Inclusion Office for additional support relating to a disability or health condition, to speak to an Accessibility Advisor or for access to accessibility services
  • If you are a Higher Degree Research student, reach out to the Graduate Research Office
  • If you are a domestic student with a Commonwealth supported place and/or deferring your fees through a HELP loan, please be aware that withdrawing after the census date will still count towards your course completion rate. You will find more information here.

Withdrawing from units

You can withdraw from a unit in MyInfo > Self Enrolment.

Withdrawing from a cross-institutional enrolment

If you are taking a unit at another university as part of a cross-institutional enrolment, you need to follow the host institution’s discontinue process. You must advise Murdoch through MyAnswers that your cross-institutional enrolment has been discontinued.

If you are studying a unit at Murdoch as the host university, you must follow the Murdoch withdrawal process and advise your home institution.

Withdrawing from university

If you withdraw from university, you must re-apply for admission to re-commence studying in the future.

If you decide to go ahead with withdrawing, you need to complete a withdrawal form. If you are enrolled in more than one course but only want to withdraw from one, please specify this on the form.

Higher Degree Research students cannot use this form. To withdraw, you must contact the Graduate Research Office.

Withdraw from Murdoch form

Withdrawing from Murdoch as an international student

Withdrawing will result in your Confirmation of Enrolment being cancelled. Murdoch does not issue, amend or cancel visas, however Murdoch has an obligation, under Section 19 of the ESOS Act, to advise the Department of Home Affairs of the change in enrolment status. This may result in your visa being cancelled.

If you are an international (onshore) student in your first semester of study at Murdoch, refer to the 'refund conditions and policy' provided with your offer letter.