As a mentor you can build your skills and enhance your portfolio while you are studying at Murdoch.


You can join the MentorMe program as a mentor to support your fellow students and build your skills. Mentoring helps you to develop skills such as communication, leadership, team work, time management, organisation, problem solving, and initiative, all highly sought-after employee attributes.

Certificate of appreciation

Mentors who reach 40 hours of mentor support will be awarded a certificate of appreciation which is formally acknowledged on your University Community and Career Skills Development Transcript.

You can sign-up at your orientation course advice session or contact a myMurdoch Advice student success advisor.

K-Track mentor program

K-Track is an enabling course designed to provide an entry pathway for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who would not otherwise qualify for university. The K-Track mentor program, led by Kulbardi mentors, provides academic assistance for students enrolled in K-Track. The mentor sessions provide academic and emotional support through peer-facilitated study sessions.

To find out more, contact Kulbardi to become a peer mentor for K-Track. 

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

AIME is a national program that gives Indigenous high school students the skills, opportunities, resources and confidence to finish school at the same rate as their non-Indigenous peers.

High school students are paired with volunteer university student mentors who participate in workshops run by Indigenous young people. These workshops aim at building the confidence, skills and pride of the high school students to finish school.

Find out more about AIME


For personalised support and advice, contact myMurdoch Advice.

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