International student academic progress

As a student visa holder you have additional requirements and responsibilities relating to academic progress.

If you do not pass more than fifty percent of your units, the University has an obligation to report your academic progress to the Department of Home Affairs. As a result, your student visa may be cancelled.

You may be placed on an intervention strategy, which is designed around your individual circumstances to help you improve your study results.

If you are placed on an intervention strategy, this could lengthen the duration of your course and you many need to apply for an update to your Confirmation of Enrolment and student visa.

Intervention strategies

An intervention strategy (IS) is a personalised plan to help student visa holders who are not meeting satisfactory course progress return to good standing.

You will be placed on an intervention strategy if you are deemed at risk of not meeting satisfactory academic progression.

An intervention strategy is specific to your individual circumstances and provides useful strategies and referrals to relevant programs and services, enabling you to complete your program within your course’s duration.

An intervention strategy is:

  • strongly encouraged if you have not passed more than 50% of your enrolment load during any teaching period
  • mandatory if you have not passed more than 50% of your enrolment load for two consecutive semesters
  • considered if your academic chair is seriously concerned about your progression.

Developing an intervention strategy

You will have a mandatory interview with a myMurdoch Advice student success advisor to discuss the issues affecting your academic performance and the implications of this. Together you will create a personalised support plan.

The support plan is designed to be a positive, constructive and supportive tool that considers your specific needs for you to succeed within the semester. Your support plan may involve:

  • a reduced study load, which must be approved by the academic chair for international students
  • enrolment into learning support workshops
  • enrolment into English as a second language support
  • referral to Murdoch’s health and counselling services
  • regular progress meetings with a myMurdoch Advice student success advisor
  • other strategies dependant on your current situation and future needs
  • provision of additional resources and tools to support you.

Once you have signed the intervention strategy it will be implemented and recorded on your student file. The signed agreement will be sent to you along with an email outlining the agreement and any actions required. You are responsible for following the agreed plan.

Next steps

If you continue to not meet satisfactory progress after an intervention strategy has been implemented, Murdoch University may ultimately suspend, exclude and report you to Government. Please see Standard 8 of the National Code.

If you appeal this decision, you will be permitted to remain enrolled during the appeal period. However, if you choose not to appeal, or the appeal resolution is in favour of Murdoch’s decision, Murdoch is required to report you to the Department of Home Affairs for failing to make satisfactory academic progress.

If the appeal resolution is successful for you, you must be put on a mandatory Performance Contract Intervention Strategy. Your enrolment will then be reviewed at the end of the appropriate study period to monitor Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act compliance with satisfactory course progression.