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Kambarang Indigenous Film Festival

Presented by the School of Media and Communication

The School of Media and Communication at Murdoch University invites you to the inaugural Kambarang Indigenous Film Festival. We welcome you to experience a selection of four short films, followed by a special guest panel.

Indigenous Film Festival


One of the Noongar Seasons - October through to November. During the Kambarang season, we see an abundance of colours and flowers exploding all around us. Many things are undergoing transformation with the warm change in the weather. It is the season of birth. 

And much like this season, these films represent an explosion of culture, narrative, history and truth-telling. They are modern ‘message-sticks’ helping transform the wider community to engage in Aboriginal narratives and issues whilst nurturing the representation of stories from an Aboriginal perspective and story-frame.



Storytelling is an integral part of life for Indigenous Australians. In the past, stories were shared verbally around the fire. Now in modern times these stories are told and archived via multi-media and (digital) productions.

“Storytelling has always been a crucial part of Aboriginal life and culture. It connects us spirituality with 'country', through oral culture, song, dance and painting.” Dr Richard Walley (Screen West Indigenous Screen Strategy 2010-2015: 3)

These four short-films have been nominated for over 20 International Film Festivals and Awards including;

  • ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts International Festival (Canada)
  • International Multicultural Film Festival (Australia)
  • Oz Indie Film Festival (Australia)
  • Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards (Australia & New Zealand)
  • Cinefest Oz Film International Film Festival (Australia)
  • WA Screen & Culture Awards (WASCA)
  • Ethnografilm International Film Festival (Paris) 
  • British Columbia Environmental Film Festival (USA)
  • WA Made Film Festival (Western Australia)
  • The Impact DOCS Awards (USA)
  • Melbourne International Documentary Festival (MIDF)


DANDJOO - BE A VOICE FOR GENERATIONS is currently playing at the Wadjemup Museum as part of the DANDJOO exhibition on Rottnest Island and is an EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE for this event.

The short-documentary; Danjoo : Be a Voice for Generations looks at the island of Wadjemup - Rottnest from the perspective of the Wadjemup Aboriginal Advisory Group (WARG).  These members have not only a cultural obligation to oversee the protection of the island but also honour what is the largest Aboriginal deaths in custody site in Australia.  They have their own attachment to the island but collectively they understand the crucial role that Aboriginal culture plays within the island; spiritually, cosmologically, historically and politically.  These are their thoughts and memory-scape - hear their voice for the next generations...

Director / Producer : Dr Glen Stasiuk 

Executive Producers : Helen Priestly & Richenda Prall

WARG Members : Walter McGuire, Lindsay Dean, Brendan Moore, Kathleen Muslin, Pam Thorley & Casey Kickett

Cinematographer & Editor : Timothy Eng

Sound Recordist & Sound Editor : Ben Morton

Camera Operator : Alexander Tatsiy 

Key Grip : Zac Walker

Boom Operator : Riley McKenna



WADJEMUP or ROTTNEST ISLAND is sacred to Aboriginal people. For almost 100 years between 1838 and 1931 Wadjemup was a prison for at least 3,670 Aboriginal men and boys. More than 370 men never made it off the island and are now buried in unmarked graves on the island.

They were fathers 
They were sons 
They were brothers 
They were husbands 
They were never to see their homelands and family again 
Their spirits are part of this island…and for those that got off the island…their descendants now proudly tell their story…

Director / Producer / Writer : Dr Glen Stasiuk 

Executive Producers : Richenda Prall

Narrator: Jim Morrison 

Featuring: Jane Narrier, Murray & Patrick Jackamarra and Brendan Moore

Cinematographer: Dr Damian Fasolo

Editor & Drone: Tim Eng               

Sound Recordist & Sound Editor : Ben Morton

Visual Effects: James Kenworthy  



Risen' is a song that shares a message of family, hope, healing, social justice and cultural pride.

Risen is a song from the The Dardee (Noongar for 'wonderful') project facilitated by Sister Kate's Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation which provided a creative environment and opportunity for musicians and artists who were ‘homees’ and/or ‘homee’ descendants to share messages of family, hope, healing, social justice and cultural pride. 

Director / Producer : Dr Glen Stasiuk 

Executive Producers : Tjalaminu Mia (Sister Kates Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation) 

Lead Rap Singer/Writer: Ron Ronan

Featuring: Ron Ronan, Koodah Cornwell, Glen Miller, Greg Grabasch, Buddy Cornwall, Roma Winmar, Alta Winmar, Margaret Culbong and Nigel & Clinton Wilkes

Cinematographer & Drone: Tim Eng

Editor: Tim Eng

Sound Recordist: Andy Newcombe

Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Morton

Camera Assistant: Brendan Miskelly 



A Crying Shame is the untold story of the Sister Kates's Aboriginal Home at Queens Park Western Australia. Self-proclaimed as 'Homees' this film tells the harrowing period of Western Australia's Stolen Generations and institutionalisation from their own memory scape and recollections. It highlights the next steps of healing and the return to the bush-block to begin this hopeful journey...

Director / Producer : Dr Glen Stasiuk 

Executive Producers : Tjalaminu Mia (Sister Kates Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation) 

Poem written by: Graeme ‘Bindarri’ Dixon

Voice Over: Glen Stasiuk

Indigenous Dancer: Chris Dixon

Featuring: Tjalaminu Mia, Cheryl Phillips, Chris, Greg & Lindsay Dixon, Jody Carder, Alta & Roma Winmar, Glen Miller, & Glenn Pearson

Cinematographer & Drone: Tim Eng

Editor: Tim Eng

Sound Recordist: Ben Morton & Andy Newcombe

Sound Editor: Ben Morton

Camera Assistant: Allison Nakivell & Brendan Miskelly 

Date & time

Thursday, 12 Oct 2023
6:00PM - 8:00PM (AWST) Add to calendar


Nexus Theatre
Murdoch University, 90 South Street, Murdoch, WA, 6150