Flexible learning options

You need to fit your studies in with your family and friends, work and life. We’re here to help.

Semesters and trimesters

For the majority of Murdoch's courses, the year is divided into two semesters:

  • Semester One, beginning mid-February
  • Semester Two, beginning late July

Some units may also be available in the summer and winter semester breaks. This means you could study all year round and complete your degree sooner.

For some courses, the teaching year is split into three trimesters, allowing you to complete more units over the course of the year. Trimester study fast tracks your program, so you can complete your degree sooner.

Study full-time or part-time

A full-time study load allows you to finish your degree in the shortest time possible, but if you would like more flexibility, you may be able to study part-time. You may also be able to change between full-time and part-time study during your course if your circumstances change.

Your full-time or part-time study options will depend on the course you're studying, prerequisites and unit availability.

If you're studying under a Student Visa, you are required to complete your course within the Confirmation of Enrolment and visa length. You can apply for approved reduced study in certain circumstances.

You may be eligible for online study

With many courses, you'll have the option of studying externally using online materials such as lecture recordings. Online study allows you to complete units and even whole degrees without being on campus.

Intensive contact periods

If you're a postgraduate student, some of your units may be offered with intensive contact periods. These units run over a standard teaching period, such as a semester or trimester, but the contact hours are concentrated into an intensive window of a weekend or a number of days.

With intensive contact periods, you can get the benefit of on-campus interaction with other students from your class, while having the flexibility to study when it suits you.


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