Decide what to study

As a Study Abroad or Exchange student, you can choose from hundreds of Murdoch subjects, called ‘units’. With so many different units to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your area of interest.

How many units should I enrol in at Murdoch?

You’ll probably study three or four different units each semester, with every unit worth 3 credit points.

Due to Australian Government student visa requirements, you need to enrol in at least 9 credit points per semester.

Before you apply, confirm with your home university about how you’ll receive credit for your study at Murdoch.

How do I find units?

The easiest way is to search our Handbook to find a list of units to study or look at our guide to finding units.

You should discuss what you intend to study at Murdoch with your home institution before you apply, and check if there are any credit approval or transfer forms you need to complete. Our advisors are available to answer any questions about unit availability.

Once you have completed this process, you will complete the unit selection sheet and send it to our advisors.

Study Abroad Specialised Certificates

Get more from studying at Murdoch with a Specialised Certificate, which is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills and expertise in a particular study area, whilst increasing your employability.

Find out more about our Specialised Certificates

Veterinary Science

As a 2019 study abroad and exchange student at Murdoch, you can only study specific Veterinary Science units. You will need to meet the prerequisites for admittance to these units.

VET272 Comparative Mammalian BiochemistrySemester 1
VET380 Veterinary Nutrition and Animal ToxicologySemester 1
VET211 Principles of Infectious Disease I – Veterinary MicrobiologySemester 2
VET278 Principles of Infectious Disease II – Veterinary ParasitologySemester 2

Short courses

We also offer two intensive short courses, Tropical Marine Biology, and Storytelling in Australia, both of which offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful places Australia has to offer.

See short courses

What will my study at Murdoch be worth back home?

Our full time study load of 9 to 12 credit points should be considered full-time at your home university.

Murdoch credit pointsEuropean ECTSUS Credits
3 Murdoch credit points
(1 unit/class/course)
9 Murdoch credit points
(3 units/classes/courses)
12 Murdoch credit points
(4 units/classes/courses)