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Inspiring stories from Murdoch University alumni and graduates

Murdoch University is proud to have an alumni family of over 88,000. These graduates have gone on to make their mark on the world in their own way. 

Each one has a unique and inspiring story, which is why we are welcoming our alumni ‘Back on Campus’ to revisit their university experience and chat to us about where their Murdoch University degree took them. 

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Murdoch alumnus Isabelle Adams smiling at the camera standing in front of a wooden wallIsabelle Adams 
Murdoch University’s first Aboriginal graduate, Isabelle Adams - a self-described ‘change maker’ and a trailblazer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. Isabelle helped to establish the first Aboriginal Support Unit at Murdoch, which would go on to become what we now know as the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre

Murdoch alumnus Jim Meckelburg smiling in front of a wooden wall

Jim Meckelberg:
At 49, Jim thought university was no longer an option for him. However, when an opportunity to study at Murdoch came his way, he soon realised that Murdoch had many flexible entry pathways and support systems in place to help mature aged students. Jim enjoyed his time at Murdoch, so much so that he went on to work at the University, helping students who needed support to find a pathway into university that worked for them and allowed them the opportunity to succeed.  

Murdoch alumnus Frank Jardim smiling at the camera inside Boola Katitjin

Frank Jardim: 
Even after graduating in 2015, Frank is no stranger to the Murdoch University campus, often volunteering at events like Open Day and at graduation ceremonies, to help ensure students have the best experience possible at these events. Studying IT at Murdoch helped Frank learn the skills needed for him to become a network security specialist.  

Murdoch alumnus Oakley stands smiling at the camera inside Boola Katitjin

Oakley Hands: 
Oakley is another alumnus that you may spot on campus today, working for the Access, Wellbeing and Equity team and hosting Ally training for hundreds of staff and students. Oakley found Murdoch to be a welcoming, safe space for all and was Murdoch LaunchPad’s PitchFest Winner 2021 for their idea, Project Lieve, a sexual harm reporting technology for events.


Watch the full series.
Posted on:

27 Sep 2023

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