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It’s never too late to study and pursue your interests. Find your own personal pathway into university, no matter your circumstances.

Imagine these scenarios: You studied hard throughout Year 12, but your ATAR just isn't right for university? Or you started working straight after graduating high school and now you fear that studying and reaching your career goals are on hold? Whatever your reasoning might be, we get it. Sometimes life just gets in the way of pursuing your dreams. 

Murdoch University has a variety of different enabling pathways into university suitable for any circumstances that you might have faced to help you follow your ambitions. OnTrack Flex is a 14-week program for people who aspire to complete a university degree, but do not qualify for direct entry into Murdoch University. 

Meet some students who used OnTrack Flex as pathways into Murdoch: 

Meet Luckshmini

MU student Luckshmini was working two jobs after graduating high school to save up enough money for university. OnTrack helped her get back into studying after having been out of school for two years. 

"Even though it was an intense 14- week course, it was so worth accomplishing and it really prepares you for university life.", Luckshmini says while she is moving closer to her goal of starting her own business by studying a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Management, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Meet Saba

Saba always knew that he wanted to become a vet. Being aware of the competitive entry criteria into Veterinary Medicine, he threw himself into his studies, often sacrificing his social life. Unfortunately, he got scaled down on his ATAR and his dream of becoming a vet seemed further away than ever. 

Murdoch offered him the opportunity to apply for the enabling program, OnTrack. As someone who excelled in high school, these sorts of uni entry pathways weren’t on his radar. 

“Don't second guess it - just do it. One semester will fly by, and before you know it, you'll be eligible for a bachelor's degree.", Saba says. 

Meet Joanne

Joanne successfully raised five children before she decided she still wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. But with more than twenty-two years outside of a formal education setting, Joanne was hesitant about her ability to complete study at a university level. Thankfully, a friend was able to recommend OnTrack to her. 

"OnTrack has totally changed my future. It has not only given me an opportunity to fulfil a life- long dream, but it has also given me fundamental skills for starting my University degree and the confidence to believe in myself. I can't imagine having started University without first completing OnTrack!”  

Advice from students

"Make sure you utilise your tutor for feedback.", says Bec, who graduated from OnTrack last semester and is now studying English and Creative Writing at Murdoch University. "Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your academic writing skills and research skills that will help you do well - not only in OnTrack but also in your later undergrad studies." 

As a busy working mum, OnTrack helped Emma get set up for her Nursing degree. "You need to know the time to set aside for pre-reading, studying, and watching your lectures along with a social life. Time management and preparing a study schedule is one of the key factors."

An entry pathway for everyone

If, like these students, you missed out on the right ATAR or had unforeseen life events and want a second chance to attend university, OnTrack Flex is your answer. The program will prepare you for your future studies and gives you the learning strategies and skills you need to start your uni experience at Murdoch University in 2023. 

Whatever your reasoning might be, at Murdoch University we will find the right pathway for you to pursue your dreams. 

Find the right enabling pathway for you. 
Posted on:

5 Dec 2022

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