Child Care Centre

Murdoch University Kindergarten creates engaging play and educational environments for children from six months to six years.

Murdoch University Kindergarten and Child Care is a 48-place Early Childhood Education and Care Facility, providing permanent, full-day bookings.

The centre is run by experienced staff who are dedicated to providing an engaging and nurturing experience for all children in their care. Children who attend Murdoch University Kindergarten are encouraged to explore the natural world and build imagination and creativity with a diverse range of materials.

Australian Government Child Care Fee subsidies are available to most Australian residents and students on Australian scholarships. Murdoch University contributes a daily subsidy for each Murdoch University student who uses the service.

With limited places available, there is a waiting list for some age groups.

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Murdoch University Kindergarten is located at Murdoch University's Perth campus, near car park 5.

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