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Graduate Certificate in One Health

The emerging One Health approach embraces traditionally separate fields including health professions, animal health and veterinary medicine, public health and health administration, and the interactions of human and animal populations with the environment.
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Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership

Health systems across the world are grappling with significant challenges in an ever-changing landscape, which require specific set of skills in economics, governance, epidemiology and health law in order to better understand healthcare challenges.
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I found the quizzes useful. I also enjoyed the readings. I am definitely more aware of the challenges we face with our biosecurity in Australia, and I feel like I am more aware of how I can contribute. Very well structured and interesting!Lauren Manont, Graduate Certificate in One Health

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LLM614 Health Law

The Health Law unit will provide an overview of the basic concepts and some current topics in the area where health provision intersects the law. It will cover the national and international legal and regulatory framework - focusing on consent, medical liability and the regulation of practitioners. Controversial topics such as access to medicines and compulsion in treatment will also be introduced in order to explore the limits of the law. Health Law is a unit in the Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership.

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Seeding in Drought

Global Biosecurity for One Health

Explore the One Health approach, develop your understanding of the environmental, economic and social impacts of pests and diseases and explore how biosecurity can protect human, animal and environmental health.

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Healthy Futures: How Can We Create the Most Effective Healthcare System?

Gain insight into global challenges in healthcare and how public health policies affect our daily lives. Explore how to design health responses to ensure that people can access the right care and discover what it takes solve some of the world’s biggest health problems.

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Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

Learn what it means to be secure by developing your knowledge of global challenges posed by conflict and terrorism. Get an introduction to issues of security, terrorism and counter terrorism, the causes behind security threats, and the weapons and technology used in response. This taster course commences 2nd September 2019.

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Studying through FutureLearn

Social learning is a key characteristic of the FutureLearn platform, so as well as critique and quiz activities, there will be ample opportunity to engage and converse with your peers.

How it works

  1. Introduce yourself to your classmates and academics - you'll be notified when the course is ready to start.
  2. Start the course - your ‘to do list’ in the FutureLearn dashboard will show you what you need to do next.
  3. Complete and decide what's next - if you choose to continue studies, often the free taster module can be counted towards a full degree

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How to apply as a current Murdoch student

You may be given the opportunity to complete a unit via FutureLearn as part of your course.

  1. Enrol in the unit by logging in to MyInfo and select 'Enrol'.
  2. Follow the self enrolment steps and when you get to the 'Units' step, search for the unit and select the version with the FTLEARN campus/location.
  3. You will be given further instructions about setting up your FutureLearn account.

You must complete the free taster course as part of the unit. Please note that this will start earlier than your other units.

When can I study?

Courses are available over three teaching periods throughout the year:

Teaching Period 1:   28th January - 10th May 2019

Teaching Period 2:   13th May - 23rd August 2019

Teaching Period 3:   26th August - 6th December 2019

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