How to apply

Once you’ve chosen your research topic, found a supervisor and written your research proposal, you’re ready to apply for postgraduate research at Murdoch.

You can apply for a research degree at any time during the year. If your degree involves a standalone research project, such as a PhD, you can apply to start at any time. If your degree includes coursework, you’ll need to apply to start at the beginning of the relevant semester.

Before you apply to complete a research degree, please check that:

If applying for the Accelerate Research Masters with Training course, a list of projects are available.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to apply, followed by a checklist to remind you of everything you’ll need to complete these steps.

  • 1. Check for any discipline specific admission requirements
  • 2. Download and complete an application form

    If you don't live in Perth and you're applying to complete your research project as an external student, you'll need to complete item 7 of the Application for Admission form.


    If you've had candidature in the last four years please complete the Previous Candidature Form.

  • 3. Outline your work or research experience in a curriculum vitae

    Please include a copy of your latest curriculum vitae (or CV) with your application.

    If you don't have an honours degree or are not completing an honours degree in the current year, you'll need to provide evidence in relation to other criteria including:

    • Evidence of a major thesis (of approximately 6 months duration)
    • Evidence of research experience which may be equivalent to a major thesis
    • Examiners reports of any dissertation or thesis
    • Evidence of any merit honours
    • Evidence of fellowship or professional memberships
    • A list of any publications including work which you have done individually or with others – including the title, authorship (indicate your contribution, if it is a joint publication), type of publication (eg: journal article, conference paper, performance, website), whether it is an academically refereed publication and details on how this item contributes to your proposed thesis

    These criteria don't always apply to art, design or other performance-based programs. You could instead clearly outline and explain your role in international or national programs such as exhibitions, performances or productions.

  • 4. Choose and contact your referees

    Depending on the type of research degree you're applying for, you need to ask either academic and/or professional referees to provide us with a statement outlining your suitability for admission to the degree. Your referees should preferably be senior academics who are familiar with your most recent work, and in a position to comment on your future potential for research and contribution to your area of interest.

    Please download and forward the relevant form to your nominated referees for them to complete. The referee reports must be received by our Graduate Research School before your application deadline, so make sure to allow plenty of time to complete this step.

    This document is strictly confidential and each referee should send the form directly to Graduate Research after they have completed it. Alternatively, you can also scan and e-mail your completed referee reports to us.

    Exceptions and alternatives for referees

    If you're applying for a combined Master of Applied Psychology and PhD you'll need to download one of the following forms instead.

    Master of Applied Psychology & PhD Professional Referee Report (pdf) 366 KB

    If you're applying for a Doctor of Psychology, you only need to list your referees in your application, rather than ask them to provide reports.

    You also don't need referee reports if you're applying for a Master of Education – Research.

  • 5. Find your original or certified copies of your supporting documents

    Your application needs to include supporting documentation with original or certified copies of:

    • Your academic records/transcripts
    • Your birth certificate, extract of entry citizenship certificate or passport entry

    We do not need copies of any Murdoch University transcripts.

    If you're applying as an international student, you'll need:

    • Your birth certificate, extract of entry citizenship certificate or passport entry
    • Certified copies of award certificates and full academic transcripts, including keys to the grading system used
    • Certified copies of your English test scores and evidence of your English language proficiency.

    If any of your documents are not already in English, please include certified English translations. When you arrive in Perth, you can provide your original documentation to our Graduate Research School.

    Our Graduate Research School can certify your documents for our internal use only. 

  • 6. Let us know your Honours results (if applicable)

    If you're currently enrolled as an honours student, either at Murdoch or at another institution, please let our Graduate Centre know as soon as you know the level of Honours you have been awarded.

    If you don't have an honours qualification, please make sure you address the question titled “Research Experience” in full in your application form.

  • 7. Submit your application and supporting documents

    When you apply, you'll need these documents ready:

    • Your signed and dated application form
    • A copy of your Curriculum Vitae
    • Original or certified copies of your academic transcripts and certificates for both undergraduate and postgraduate study (if obtained overseas, please provide keys to the grading system used and English translation if applicable)
    • A copy of your research proposal
    • If any of your transcripts or certificates are in a maiden name, you'll need a certified copy of your marriage certificate
    • If you have legally changed your names, you'll need a certified copy of evidence of this change
    • Your referee reports sent directly to our Graduate Research team
    • If you were born in Australia, you'll need a certified copy of your Australian passport or certified copy of Birth Certificate
    • If you're a domestic student born overseas, you'll need a certified copy of your Australian passport or certified copy of evidence of your Australian Permanent Resident Visa or Australian/New Zealand Citizenship
    • If you're applying as an international student, you'll need a certified copy of your passport or certified copy of Birth Certificate and certified copies of your English test score (if applicable)

    If you have any outstanding results from studies you may be completing (such as your honours thesis results), please send the official transcripts to our Graduate Research team as soon as they become available.

    To submit your completed application, you can either:

    • Deliver it in person to room 335.2.058 (8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Send it by post:

    Graduate Research Office
    Murdoch University
    90 South Street
    Murdoch WA 6150

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