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Health systems across the world are facing unprecedented challenges

The online Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership will develop your understanding of the causes and impact of the financial, social and environmental challenges health systems are facing across the world.

You’ll develop the highly sought-after skills to develop and evaluate health policy and gain ethical and management and leadership skills. Crucially, you’ll walk away with the skills to effectively design health responses so people can access the right care.

Doctor in Meeting
A highly educational and challenging course with innovative and interactive components throughout. Totally worthwhile.Alan Schamroth, Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership


Studying the course online

This course is offered online through our digital learning partner, FutureLearn.

Studying through FutureLearn is a powerful way to learn online. Storytelling, discussion, peer support and visible learning make it a rewarding and unique experience. You also have the chance to complete a free taster module, Healthy Futures: How Can We Create the Most Effective Healthcare System? that will also be counted towards the full qualification. Check the course teaser availability on FutureLearn website.

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Flexible, interactive environment

The digital learning experience gives you access to high-quality videos and online discussion where you can gain support from your peers as well as Murdoch’s world-class academics.

Get a glimpse of the next units available on FutureLearn

LLM614 Health Law

The Health Law unit will provide an overview of the basic concepts and some current topics in the area where health provision intersects the law. It will cover the national and international legal and regulatory framework - focusing on consent, medical liability and the regulation of practitioners. Controversial topics such as access to medicines and compulsion in treatment will also be introduced in order to explore the limits of the law.

VET656 Public Health and Epidemiology

The Public Health and Epidemiology unit provides students with a firm foundation in theoretical and practical questions implicated in the study of public health. Population health approaches to public health challenges, in local and global context, will be examined. The unit introduces students to the skills of applying epidemiological principles to public health and clinical practice. This includes undertaking scientific assessment of the health literature, with a strong emphasis on critical appraisal of health data analysis.

Learn from our free-thinking, world-class academics

Ana Rita Sequeira

Ana Rita Sequeira

Dr Ana Rita Sequeira is a lecturer and researcher with a focus on global and public health; health promotion and health policy; critical and interpretative approaches; development studies and how to translate research into practice.
View Ana Rita's profile

Dr Khurshid Alam

Khurshid Alam

Dr Khurshid Alam is an Associate Professor in Health Economics at the Murdoch Business School. His key areas of research are health financing, health equity, impact evaluation and economic evaluation.
View Khurshid's profile

Course structure and learning outcomes

Effective leadership and management skills, and an understanding of the economics and governance of health are vital for leadership careers in the health sector. This course will provide students a theoretical basis and analytical skills in economics, governance, epidemiology and health law to better understand healthcare challenges.

Designed for recent graduates and those who may be exploring a new career in the health sector, this Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership can be completed entirely online and supports the growing global demand for health service professional medical associations, consultancy firms, insurance companies, medical technology firms and agencies, hospitals, advisory boards, government departments, and NGOs with a health policy and leadership focus.

When you choose to study the Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership online you will be taught through FutureLearn, a global social learning platform that offers a flexible, highly-interactive digital learning experience.

Health Administration, Policy and Leadership graduates will be able to:

  • understand the interdependence of local, national and international healthcare challenges, and their intersection with key national and international health systems and institutions;
  • appreciate the legal, economic and social challenges of equitable and efficient healthcare financing and delivery;
  • be able to apply core theoretical and analytical perspectives and debates in health administration policy and leadership;
  • demonstrate high-level analytic skills to meet the demands of complex health industry challenges;
  • develop and evaluate health policy; and
  • display ethical management and leadership skills appropriate to the field.

Study duration

In the free taster, you'll likely be spending between four to six hours a week in your course. This includes viewing and reading time, as well as participation in activities. In a Graduate Certificate unit you can expect to be spending at least 10 hours per week.

The Graduate Certificate will comprise four units:

  • SWM517 – Health Policy and Governance
  • SWM518 – Health Economics and Finance
  • VET656 – Public Health and Epidemiology
  • LLM614 – Health Law
Health Policy and Governance (SWM517)
Healthy Futures: How can we create the most effective healthcare system?
Power and politics in health policy
Making health policy
Health systems on the world stage
Available in 2020:
Jan - May
May - Aug
Aug - Dec
Health Economics and Finance (SWM518)
Microeconomics of Healthcare Markets
Production of Health and Demand for Healthcare
Hospital and Insurance Industries
Health Economics: From the Individual to the International
Available in 2020:
Jan - May
May - Aug
Aug - Dec
Public Health and Epidemiology (VET656)
Foundations of epidemiology and public health
Epidemiological study design
Measuring health and disease
Screening and surveillance
Available in 2020:
Jan - May
May - Aug
Aug - Dec
Health Law (LLM614)
Is there a right to health? How health and law work together
The authority of the patient: Who makes the decision?
From patient to practitioner: Rules and regulations
Regulating the present, planning the future
Available in 2020:
Jan - May
May - Aug
Aug - Dec

Note: course titles are subject to change

Other important information

Entry requirements

Whilst there are no prerequisites for the free taster module, to progress to the Graduate Certificate you will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • A recognised bachelor degree (or equivalent) in any area
  • Equivalent of an Academic IELTS overall score of 6.0 with no band less than 6.0

Eligibility for a degree at Murdoch is generally based around your previous education, professional experience, and English language competence.

The taster module, Healthy Futures, includes a formative assessment task, which can later contribute to the assessments in the Graduate Certificate. This task will not be used to judge entry eligibility for the Graduate Certificate.


Each program in the course offered through FutureLearn is AUD$1,800.
For a typical Graduate Certificate level course this will comprise four units at a total cost of AUD$7,200 (paid per unit). 

To pay your fees, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into MyInfo
  2. Go to the Fee section and click on View Latest Fee invoice
  3. Make payment online using a Credit Card or via BPay.

Please note that payments take 3-5 working days to clear through the banking system.

Payment of your tuition fee by the due date is a condition of your enrolment at Murdoch University. If your fees are not paid before the census date, Murdoch University will be required to cancel your enrolment.


24 August 2020

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14 September 2020

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10 October 2020

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