International student fees

You're an international student if you hold or are applying for a Student, Diplomatic, Bridging, Temporary or Provisional Resident visa, or are a permanent resident of New Zealand.

As an international student, your Letter of Offer will contain an indicative fee amount.

Your tuition fees are unit-based for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and calculated based on point and area of study. Your offer letter will state an annual tuition fee based on 24 points. The tuition fee rate does not stay the same each year, but is adjusted to the rate of inflation in the education sector each year.

If you change courses, your fee rate will be reassessed and you will pay the fee rate for the new course for that year. This will be different to the rate that would have applied had you started in the course when you first enrolled at Murdoch.

How do I pay my fees?

International students and temporary visa holders are not eligible to defer their fees to a government assistance loan. If you are enrolled in a Bridging Course for Overseas Trained Professionals you may apply for government assistance.

See the payment methods available to you.

When do I have to pay my fees?

Your tuition fees are due on the Friday prior to the start of the teaching period. If you add a unit after the start of the teaching period the fees are due immediately.

As an International student or temporary visa holder, Australian Government legislation requires that you pay your fees by the due date. If your fees are not paid in full before the due date, the University is required to cancel your enrolment.

Any communication regarding outstanding fees will be sent to the email address you have provided. If your email address changes, it is important that you update it via My Info.

If you are experiencing difficulty making payment on time you need to request a payment plan through MyAnswers prior to the fee due date (conditions apply).

Late fees will apply for payments made after the due date, and your enrolment can be cancelled if payment is not made.

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What if I am an International Partnership Student?

Your tuition fees have two parts – the fee charged by the partner institution, and a Murdoch fee. The partner institution may collect the fees together in the one payment, or separately. They will remit the Murdoch fee to us during the semester.

You are expected to make payment according to your partner institute deadlines, and otherwise meet their requirements for fees.

If you withdraw from your course then retention fees will apply to your Murdoch fee.

What if my visa status changes?

If your visa status changes, you must advise Murdoch University immediately.

If you become a permanent resident, you need to submit your paperwork to the Student Centre so we can update your student record.

If you become an Australian citizen you need to either bring your Australian Citizenship certificate to the Student Centre or post in a certified copy as soon as possible so we can update your student record.

See changing visa or citizenship status for more information.

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