Types of courses

With around 250 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from, you’ll find your dream career at Murdoch.


If you haven't completed a university degree in the past, undergraduate study is a great place to start. When you study one of our undergraduate courses, you'll gain new ways of thinking, advanced study skills and the in-depth knowledge and experience you need to succeed in your field.

Take the first steps today and explore your options with more than 80 undergraduate courses within the following degrees:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Laws
  • Nursing
  • Science

What’s a bachelor degree?

Undergraduate study involves completing a bachelor degree, which is between three and four years long, and typically follows on from your secondary school or vocational training.

You'll learn through a combination of lectures, tutorials and private study, with work placements also available in most courses.

Personalise your course with majors and minors

Your major shapes the core focus of your degree and introduces you to the key themes, concepts and methods of the field. When you apply for a bachelor degree at Murdoch, you'll need to select at least one major, which will determine the core units that shape your degree. You can add a second major to most courses to expand your knowledge and career prospects even further.

Adding a minor to your course allows you to specialise or diversify your studies. You can take up to two minors with a single major, or one minor with a double major.

Consider a double major or combined degrees

You can broaden your qualifications and your choice of careers with a double major or combined degree:

  • With a double major, you'll complete two majors under one degree, usually in the same timeframe as a single degree. When you graduate, you'll receive one Bachelor’s degree with recognition of both majors.
  • A combined degree allows you to study and complete the requirements for two different degrees at the same time, which usually takes a year or two longer than a single degree or double major.

Explore our double majors and combined degrees:

The type of units you’ll study

At Murdoch, bachelor degrees cover three types of units:

  • Transition units, which help you develop the academic skills you need for your chosen field. If you’re a new student you’ll need to take a transition unit in your first semester at Murdoch.
  • Breadth units, in which you'll work outside your chosen discipline, learn to apply your knowledge in new ways, work with a team and expand your problem-solving skills.
  • Research units, which help you develop investigative skills that can be used throughout your career and lay the groundwork for further research in honours and postgraduate study.

The specific transition, breadth and research units you study will depend on the course you choose.


Once you've completed a bachelor degree you may want to continue to honours, an extra year of study to pursue your own research project and write a thesis.


If you’ve completed a bachelor or higher degree or have relevant professional experience, you can advance your career and study opportunities by taking on further postgraduate study.


At Murdoch we offer almost 100 postgraduate courses, which include:

  • Graduate certificates
  • Graduate diplomas
  • Masters by coursework


If you’ve completed a bachelor or higher degree, you can apply for a research degree. These include:

  • Higher degrees by research
  • Masters by thesis and coursework
  • Masters by research
  • Professional doctorates, including Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Balancing your postgrad workload

Balancing postgraduate study with work, family and other commitments can be challenging. At Murdoch, you can take your postgrad study one step at a time, earning a series of industry-recognised qualifications as you work towards a full Masters or PhD qualification.


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