Double majors, minors and combined degrees

Double majors and minors

Completing a double major or adding a minor to your degree will help you expand your expertise and broaden your career prospects. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A double major is a maximum of two majors completed under one degree (eg Bachelor of Science).
  • A minor is a secondary concentration, or group of units. A minor has fewer required units and credit points than a major.
  • Depending on your course, you may be able to enrol in up to 2 majors; or 2 majors and 1 minor; or 1 major and 2 minors.
  • Double Majors and minors do not usually add additional time or credit points to your degree.
  • Any majors and minors you complete will be recorded on your Statement of Academic Record.
  • Upon completing a double major, you will receive a single testamur (degree certificate) on graduation which will record both majors.

Applying for a double major or minor

Before you can start a double major or add any minors to your course, you must apply and be accepted to Murdoch for a single major. Once you’ve accepted your offer to study at Murdoch, you can apply through MyAnswers to add a second major or any minors to your enrolment record

You’ll receive written confirmation when your second major or minor has been added. You can then self-enrol in the units for a second major or minor.

Restricted majors

Due to student quotas some majors are restricted and cannot be added as a double major. If you meet the entry requirements and would like to study one of these restricted majors, place it as your first preference when you apply.

Combined degrees

A combined degree allows you to study and complete the requirements for two different degrees, for example a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Science, at the same time, which usually takes a year or two longer than a single degree or double major.

You can apply for a combined degree in the same way you would a single degree – just follow the steps on How to Apply. If you’re already studying at Murdoch and want to change to a combined degree you’ll need to request a course transfer.

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