ACROD and Easy Access Parking

ACROD parking

Staff and students with a long-term or permanent mobility impairment are encouraged to apply for an ACROD parking permit.

If you already have an ACROD sticker, you don’t need to apply for a parking permit. Please display your ACROD sticker when parking in any of the signed ACROD bays across campus.

Apply for ACROD

Easy Access parking

If you are a staff member or student with a short-term mobility or medical condition, you can apply for a temporary Easy Access Parking Permit through our Equity & Social Inclusion Office (students) or at the Student Centre (staff).

Easy access permits can be issued to a maximum of six months, which may be renewed through the application process if required.

You will need to supply a supporting medical certificate stating the duration required from your medical practitioner, and display both your easy access and red/green zone permits when you park in any of the signed Easy Access parking bays.

Easy access parking permits are not available for contractors, commercial tenants or visitors.