Murdoch Horizons Year 12 Summer School

Maximise your year 12 results and kick-start your degree with our bespoke, three-week Horizons Summer School.

The Murdoch Horizons Summer School prepares students who are transitioning from year 11 to year 12 for their year 12 studies. Over three weeks, you’ll participate in lectures, workshops and labs to experience university life and study.

Why attend?

  • Prepare for year 12: Each unit will explore new perspectives, learning strategies and knowledge for your year 12 studies.
  • Receive credit towards a Murdoch degree: On completing the program, you'll receive a certificate and three points of credit towards a Murdoch degree, which is the equivalent of one subject or unit.
  • Complete a university-level subject while you're still at school: When you start at university, you'll feel right at home in your new surroundings.
  • Meet new people and study in state-of-the-art facilities: You'll work in small groups to address real-world problems under the guidance of internationally renowned lecturers and academics, together with mentoring from experienced Murdoch students.

Choose from a range of units

As part of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a range of units that explore different topics and subject areas. The 2019 program is still being confirmed, however here’s a snapshot of what you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

Social sciences unit: Freedom in the age of the internet
Across the globe, the internet has given us access to more information and more choice than we’ve ever had before. This unit will explore whether this flow of information means we are freer as a society, and whether our society is more equal, open and understanding as a result.

Science unit: Disease detectives
You’ll work as a disease detective, using modern laboratory methods, equipment and research skills to explore emerging diseases. See how disease detectives investigate epidemics and solve problems to identify microbes and reduce the damage caused by disease. You’ll learn about how living conditions, changing ecosystems and travel all contribute to the spread of disease.

The details

Provisional dates & timesFriday 4 January to Friday 25 January 2019.
Presentation of Murdoch Horizons Certificates will be on Friday 25 January 2019.
Classes will run between 9:30am and 4:00pm at Murdoch’s Perth Campus.
Note: these dates are provisional and subject to change. Please register for updates below.
CostTo be confirmed.
Fully funded scholarships are available to equity students and students from Murdoch RISE Schools.
EligibilityAll students undertaking year 12 studies in 2019 are welcome to attend Horizons Summer School.
There are no pre-requisites.

If you would like to know more, please register below for updates and we’ll be in touch as more details are confirmed.