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At Murdoch, you can enrol in individual units rather than a full course, to boost your studies or professional career.

Combine study from different institutions

If you are currently studying at another Australian institution, you can add units from Murdoch University towards your qualification. This is called “Cross Institutional Enrolment” or cross enrolment and is available if you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

You can apply for cross enrolment through MyAdmission. You will also need to complete a Cross Enrolment Application Form.

The fees for units you study as a Cross Enrolled student will be charged in line with your enrolment at your home university.

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Single unit or non-award study

If you would like to expand your interest in a certain area of study or need to take only a couple of units to meet professional requirements, you can apply to study at Murdoch as a Non Award student.

This type of study is available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. To find the units you are interested in, visit our courses section.

You can apply for non-award study through MyAdmission. You will also need to complete a Non Award Application Form.

When you study as a Non-Award student, your fees will be charged at a full fee rate.

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