How to apply

Once you’ve decided what to study, it’s time to apply to Murdoch. How you apply will depend on the time of year and your personal circumstances.

Option 1: Apply through TISC

If you are completing high school this year, are not studying on a student visa, and want to apply to start at Murdoch in Semester 1, 2019, please apply through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC).

Find out more about applying through TISC

Option 2: Apply directly to Murdoch

For other applicants, including recent school leavers who are applying for Semester 1 or who plan to start university in Semester 2, you can apply directly to Murdoch online through MyAdmissions.

Learn how to apply to Murdoch online

Option 3: Apply through an agent

If you’re an international student planning to study in Australia under the Streamlined Student Visa Framework, you may need to apply through an agent. This only applies to students from some countries.

Find out if you need to apply through an agent

Ready to apply?

If you’ve decided what to study and know the entry requirements for your course, take the next step and apply to Murdoch.

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