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The path you take when you apply to Murdoch will vary depending on who you are and what you want to study. Find out how to apply for an undergraduate, honours or postgraduate course at Murdoch, as well as research degrees and individual units.

Applications for Semester 1, 2022, are now open.

Applying for the first time?

Applying as a Domestic Student for the first time?

Domestic students

You're considered a domestic student at Murdoch if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen or hold a permanent Australian humanitarian visa.
  • Enabling courses

    If you don’t currently meet our admission requirements, our enabling courses can help you to qualify.


    Applications can be made online for Semester 1 and Semester 2. If you’re finishing high school this year and want to include OnTrack on your preferences for Semester 1, you can apply through TISC.

    OnTrack Sprint

    You can apply online directly to Murdoch to start studying in Semester 1.


    FlexiTrack has several intakes each year so you can apply online directly to Murdoch.

    Apply online  Apply through TISC

  • Undergraduate courses

    Semester 1

    You can apply for all undergraduate courses except Nursing and Veterinary Science through our online application system. If you're applying for Nursing or Veterinary Science, you must apply through TISC. 

    If you're in Year 12, you can either apply through our online application system for the Year 12 Early Offer Program or you can apply through TISC. 

    Semester 2

    Applications for Semester 2 can be made at any time directly to Murdoch using our online application system.

    Apply online  Apply through TISC

  • Honours courses

    You can apply for honours at Murdoch using our online application system. All applicants (except those studying Engineering or Psychology honours) will also need to complete and attach an Honours Application Form January 2021.

    Apply online

  • Postgraduate courses

    Applications can be made directly to Murdoch at any time using our online application system.

    Apply online

  • Research courses

    If you’ve chosen your topic, found a supervisor and written your proposal, you can apply for postgraduate research at any time during the year to the Graduate Research Office.

    Apply now

  • Individual units

    To study individual units at Murdoch rather than a full course, you can apply directly using our online application system.

    If you're currently studying at another Australian institution you will also need to submit a Cross Enrolment Application Form with your application, otherwise please complete a Non Award Application Form.

    Apply online

  • Study Abroad and Exchange

    At Murdoch, you can apply to study overseas on Exchange as part of your degree.

    If you're interested in a later exchange or a short-term or internship program, please refer to Travel while you learn.

    Apply for exchange

Applying as an International Student for the first time?

International students

You're an international student if you hold or are applying for a Student, Diplomatic, Bridging, Temporary or Provisional Resident visa, or are a permanent resident of New Zealand.

Studied at Murdoch before?

Current Murdoch Students

If you are about to graduate or have already graduated from Murdoch University and want to apply to study another course at Murdoch, please apply through our online portal MyAdmission.

Applying for someone else?

Applying for an International Student

If you're an International Agent please use the MyAgent Admission portal to submit applications.

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